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Monergism Audio and Multimedia Collection

This site offers 850+ links (thousands of messages) to nearly every topic related to pastoral ministry and reformed theology. Good: The directory structure is clear and easy to use. You can find quickly find the right sermons. This is a great place to discover new preachers who you can trust. Bad: This achieve is so complete is still links to some older Real Audio format files which you can’t transfer to your Mp3 player. Many of the message are theology lectures.

Reforming My Mind – MP3

This is a nearly exhaustive list of online sermons from the best Christian preachers of our generation.  Good: This free online sermon directory is well researched and constantly adding new content.What makes this site special is Paul Schafer’s discernment in selecting preachers. He only links to the best reformed evangelical sermons. That makes every sermon on this site a trusted source for solid Bible exposition. Bad: This site is limited by its blogspot domain and site structure. It can take a few minutes to find sermons. Paul is working to improve these issues.

This the largest library of free Mp3 sermons on the internet. You can find over 150,000 free online sermons achieved on this website and ready to download. Good: Easy to navigate with a clear structure and search feature. You can browse sermons by Bible passage, topic, speaker, or date. This site continues to improve. You can get updates by RSS feed for your favorite preachers. They also host many sermon videos. They also have a clear articles of faith that regulates who can broadcast on their site. Bad: The massive listing of sermons is a little overwhelming. Even with their statement of faith I would urge caution in listening to any pastor who you do not know and trust.

Desiring God Audio Resources

This site features nearly 30 years of free sermon downloads from the ministry of John Piper. Good: John Piper’s sermons have led thousands of people to a deeper knowledge and communion with God. Desiring God is a pioneer in their “make it free” policy. His ministry is marked by integrity and spiritual fruit. Bad: Some listeners would benefit from more than one preacher. Piper is very unique in the style of his exposition. This may not connect equally well with all people.

Faith By Hearing

This resource is designed to collect and categorize the ever-growing availability of great Reformed and conservative evangelical audio preaching & teaching that has a high view of God and Scripture. Good: This site offers a user friendly structure, search function and attractive design. The editors offer several paragraphs of description for each sermon series. This is very helpful in knowing what sermons to download. Bad: Some of the content is duplicate from the other directories listed here. The light colored text is difficult to read without increasing your web browsers font size

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