Said At Southern Blog Madness

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For a long time I’ve wanted to create a who’s who of the Said at Southern Network. Obviously, there are a lot of standouts in our field of 192 blogs. (58 alumni, 115 students, 19 faculty) So, I could never think of a fair system of evaluation – until now.

Just in time for the 1 year Said at Southern birthday.

What follows is a bracket style tournament (so to speak) of the best of the Said at Southern network of bloggers. The seedings are based on the number of “well said” tags I’ve given them over the past 30 days. Like all selection committees, I make no excuses for my bias.

These polls will remain open until next Sunday night. At that time I will take the top 3 picks from each bracket and advance them to the next round. I have designated each blog as A (alumni) or S (student). Once we get past the first few rounds I’ll bring in addition statistics.

You’re welcome to leave any comments below. If you’ve noticed, I excluded all faculty blog except the Rapid Fire from the Henry Institute. Let me know what you think. We might have to take our winners against them at a later date. I also disqualified Said at Southern itself for academic doping. My personal army of blogs were disqualified for using the Force to drive search engine traffic.

There are some other great blogs that I’ve had to exclude. I’m sure this list would look much different 3 months ago or 3 months from now. But it never hurts to peak at tournament time.

If you find any errors, or want to appeal, you can e-mail me directly

East Division

  1. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister – S)
    Technorati Authority: 334
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 11,800
  2. Colossians Three Sixteen (Brent Thomas – S)
    Technorati Authority: 145
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 11,200
  3. Sunday School Revolutionary (Darryl Wilson – A)
    Technorati Authority: 11
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 36*
  4. Pastor and People (Dustin Benge – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  5. Reformed Mafia (Team Blog – S)
    Google PageRank: 3
  6. Devin Hudson – A
    Google PageRank: New Domain


Midwest Division

  1. Diary of a Seminary Student (Terry Delaney – S)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: blogspot*
  2. Consumed (Owen Strachan – A)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 5,400
  3. Christ My Righteousness (Celucien L. Joseph – A)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: blogspot*
  4. I Follow Christ (Bryan Lilly – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  5. Henry Institute Rapid Fire (Robbie Sagers – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy – A)
    Google PageRank: 4


West Division

  1. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax – S)
    Technorati Authority: 198
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 17,000
  2. Christ and Pop Culture (Rich Clark editor – S)
    Technorati Authority: 58
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 1,340
  3. Elect Exiles (Drew Dixon editor – S)
    Technorati Authority: 12
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: wordpress*
  4. Lawn Gospel (Hank Balch – S)
    Google PageRank: 5
  5. Off The Wire (Matthew Wireman – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. Life Together (Doug – A)
    Google PageRank: 5


South Division

  1. Internet Monk (Michael Spenser – A)
    Technorati Authority: 727
    Google PageRank: 5
    Yahoo Backlinks:68,400
  2. Six Steps (Alex S. Leung – S)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 1,230
  3. Living To God (Peter Beck – A)
    Technorati Authority: 3
    Google PageRank: New Domain
    Yahoo Backlinks: 9
  4. Power of Change (Reid S. Monaghan – S)
    Google PageRank: 3
  5. ACFAR Blog (John Divito – A)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. The Silent Holocron (Stephen Newell – A)
    Google PageRank: 3


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73 Responses to Said At Southern Blog Madness

  1. Bryan says:

    I’m humbled to be in the tournament, but I foresee getting put out in the first round. I’m among some stiff competition! [Not that it’s really competition, and I really am humbled just to be mentioned in the same breath as you guys]

    Bryan’s last blog post..Why I am A Christian Environmentalist – Part I

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  3. I feel like the Tampa Bay Devil Ray…I mean Rays…being in the same division as the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. I am glad S@S, just like MLB, even allowed for an expansion team!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Continued Affirmation on the Lord’s Day

  4. Brother Hank says:

    No joke Terry! lol. When I first realized what was going on, I was saying to myself, “Please don’t let Trevin be in my division. Please don’t let Trevin be in my division….” Hahaha. My only hope was a first round bye, but alas that was not the case. All that being said, I too am honored to be apart of SAS. And I can’t wait for the SAS putt-putt tourney, cause I got a mean windmill shot I’ve been saving up for just such an occasion.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..The World Awoke Today and Groaned: A Poem

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    I’m sure we could get some expert analysis on the brackets, but there are many tough blogs up there. There is never an easy path to the final four.

    Terry – You’re in a hard place. Three of the blogs in your division could have been #1 seeds if they had written more in the lats month. Consumed & Reformissionary are both danger lower seeds.

    I’m really looking forward to how all this works out. I can see several Cinderella stories taking shape.

    Hank – If Trevin links over on Friday, his Kingdomites might cause a bit of a route. Job one is making it to the next round.

  6. Rich Clark says:

    Yeah, I’m dreading the Trevin Effect myself, but we’re nonetheless honored to be included! Our plan is to foul constantly in the last 2 minutes of the game.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Is this movie the next “Passion of the Christ”?

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  8. Trevin Wax says:

    Tony, Tony…

    What WILL you think of next? 🙂

    The Spring semester has officially taken its toll…

    Trevin Wax’s last blog post..Sheep & Goats 8: When Did We Fail?

  9. Dustin Benge says:

    Thanks Tony – I am honored to even be among such great bloggers whom I have learned so much!

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    Trevin – this was another one of those right before bedtime moments of inspiration, similar to how the whole Said at Southern project was born last Spring.

    Being a Hoosier, the whole bracket tournament really connected with me.

    Dustin – I think your blog is a credit to the SAS network.

  11. I really should be reading Bernhard Anderson “Tradition & Scripture in the Community of Faith” in JBL, but I wanted to find out how to vote…

    This would make it clear my strategy to get to the Finals…Vote for myself PROFUSELY!

    And at risk of self-promotion (I guess it’s not really risk, since I am actually promoting self), whoever wants to add me on their sidebar…I greatly extend the invitation.

    Matthew Wireman’s last blog post..On Art & God

  12. Tony Kummer says:

    I’ve fixed the problem with the polls not working for some people. Enjoy.

  13. Scott says:

    Good list of blogs. But why disqualify yourself but not Trevin or Timmy or any regular co-opter to SatS? Are children less important than Romanian mission work or blue-collar theology? You do yourself a disservice!

    Scott’s last blog post..But who may abide the Day of His Coming?

  14. Scott,

    Trevin and myself are superdelegates. We do not have to vote according to the consensus. We are here to make sure the right people get to the top.


    “Yes we can!”

  15. Tony,

    I need a timeline for this madness so I can prepare for a ninth-inning rally.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Blue Collar Theology 21: New Books on Jesus

  16. There will be no ninth inning rallies! This is more like a race where all bets are off in the last laps!

    Honestly, I am prepared to be one and done in my bracket.

  17. Trevin Wax says:

    We shouldn’t be too confident, Timmy. There might be the rumblings of an upset awaiting us… Superdelegates or not!

    Trevin Wax’s last blog post..Sheep & Goats 8: When Did We Fail?

  18. I am Villanova vs. Georgetown…

    I am North Carolina State vs. Houston…

    I am Texas Western vs. Kentucky…

    I am Arkansas vs. Duke…

    I am Arizona vs. Kentucky…

    I am Syracuse vs. Kansas…



    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..March’s Puritan: Thomas Watson

  19. Wow! I liked the Cinderella not incarnate! She was a bit more pretty. 🙂

  20. Brother Hank says:

    Just let it be known that I will spare no shame to win this thing…lol.

    If I got to make another post about Ron Paul, I will bite the bullet and do it….!

    btw- I can vote now! I don’t know what happened, but I stopped in and the polls finally came up empty…so…woohoo! I’m back in voting action. It feels good to have my suffrage back. 🙂

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..The World Awoke Today and Groaned: A Poem

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  22. Matt Svoboda says:

    Although there are a lot of great blogs on this list, I can’t believe Denny Burk’s blog is not on here!!!

    Matt Svoboda’s last blog post..“According To Plan”

  23. Scott says:

    Maybe he could get the “blog” in post.

    Scott’s last blog post..But who may abide the Day of His Coming?

  24. Trevin,

    I just want you to know that I voted for your blog before I voted against it. 🙁

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Missional Work

  25. Has there been a Hillary sighting in the Blog-offs? Say it ain’t so, Tim! Say it ain’t so!

  26. Tony Kummer says:

    Wow – I go to class for a few hours and the comments go wild!

    All the divisions are closer than I expected. Of course if Timmy is planning his 9th-inning drama, he could pull in a few thousand votes at any moment.

    Scott – Thanks for your encouragement. But with all the recent investigations into MLB, I think it’s best to keep the Said At Southern Blog Madness above reproach. Search engine doping is much more effective than HGH.

    Timmy – For the record superdelegates do not exist in the SAS network, although some are claiming the polls can be manipulated by using the DARK SIDE.

    As for a time line, I’ll narrow the field (top 3 in each division) and repost the next round on Monday 3/24 the results of that week will go to the final four.

    From there things will move faster – stay tuned.

  27. Tony Kummer says:

    Terry – re #19 ….. OUCH

    Hank – Your post on the LawnGospelution was a great resume builder for the tournament here.

    Matt – The Bubble was cruel this year Denny Burk and Scott Lamb both were omitted. Again, I stuck with the selection criteria of the most “well said” tags in the last 30 days. Those guys, and many others, have great blogs and I hope they can make the tournament next year.

  28. Tony,

    Do we have a way of checking that all voters are registered? I hear that there is a lot of cross-over going on these days, and I have a feeling that SWBTS and SEBTS students are changing seminary affiliation to get in on the action. Better check those IP’s.


    So no super-delegates, eh? Gotta plan B?


    I am prepared to give a sob speak if I am losing badly. If Hillary can do it, so can I.


    “Yes I can!”

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Missional Work

  29. Tony Kummer says:

    Timmy – If you post that video from Facebook (the one with you freaking/dancing?) they we might give you a big sympathy vote for your “persecution”

    About the conspiracy, that might be a good angle for the P&P investigative team. At SAS we think the best of every man in Christ, even if they are from the rival seminaries.

    All – SWBTS & SEBTS & everyone else is free to vote, we call that universal suffrage. It’s more of a Northern culture thing, but I don’t think its offensive anymore.

  30. Tony,

    I have considered it all joy. That’s all I am going to say about that.

    Regarding P&P investigative team, we are currently tied up trying to find those ten million Southern Baptists that don’t show up on church on Sunday morning. I figured that they are probably all blogging instead of going to church. Never worry, we are on top of this story (although since you are an expert on the Dark Side, perhaps your blogorific intelligensia could be of some service).

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Missional Work

  31. Brother Hank says:

    Tony – Like I said, no shame….lol.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..What Nasa Workers Do In Their ?Spare? Time

  32. Just for the record, I am now in third place with comments this month. Only 15 behind Terry. Does the person with the most comments become a super-delegate?

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Missional Work

  33. That was my understanding, Timmy. That and you have to blog all the chapels.

  34. Did someone mention the Dark Side? *snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting*

    That would explain why Reid and IMonk have weathered my initial ascent.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..St. Patrick’s Day at the ?Cron

  35. Tony Kummer says:

    Stephan – be careful the force is strong in the South division

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  39. Brother Hank says:


    Just for the record, you’re also behind me…lol.


    Brother Hank’s last blog post..What Nasa Workers Do In Their ?Spare? Time

  40. Trevin Wax says:

    What’s the prize for winning this thing?

    Spencer might win without sending over any traffic!

    Trevin Wax’s last blog post..Don’t Replace the ?Substitute?

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  42. Is there a wildcard in this thing?

    Matthew Wireman’s last blog post..?How Have You Sinned This Week??

  43. Brother Hank says:

    Ahh…my lead was soo short lived! I should have paid a little more to all those story times with “the tortoise and the hare”….!

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Orthodox Celts: A Belated St. Patrick Day’s Present

  44. What’s up with all these backtracks? I’m feelin’ the heat . . .

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..?Ministerially Speaking?

  45. kschaub says:

    Timmy, you would try to drag us from SEBTS under the all-terrain radials of SBTS! 🙂

    For the record, Elect Exiles has four authors, two from SBTS, 1 from SWBTS (Josh York), and 1 from SEBTS (me). But, we’re Calvinists, so there! Haha, or could it be, well yes, Drew writes so much he puts us all at EE to shame.


    We’re getting whooped.


    kschaub’s last blog post..Christ’s Righteousness, Not Our Own

  46. Tony Kummer says:

    Trevin – I might be willing to put up a prize, let’s wait until we get a litter closer to the final four.

    Spencer is very well established and has some serious pull. But that is why the play the game. I could see a scenario where he falls if everyone starts pulling for the underdogs in the next round, or the next. But then again, that would be a major upset.

    Matt – No wildcards, no second chances, it’s win or go home.

    FYI – Christ and Pop Culture was our top referrer yesterday, they are leaving it all on the court.

    Timmy – Don’t underestimate your rivals. There are a lot of “sure things” that stumble in the big dance.

    This round will have 3 move on in each division, after that we move to the final four. So, if you can make it out of this week it will get much harder.

  47. Hey! Is Sagers stuffing the ballot box? What’s really going on here!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Kissing Dr. Moore

  48. Kevin,

    Watch out for the “Us four and no more” liner. I can hear it now. “You elect exiles. You don’t blog for the whole world, do you?”


    Who said I am underestimating my rivals? You know that Ahmedinejad has a blog, don’t you. 😉

    Oh, and the only sure thing around here is that Kummer is King, and P&P is your pauper, ahem, poppa.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..?Ministerially Speaking?

  49. Terry,

    What’s up with this kissing Dr. Moore business? Tony was telling me today about some action in the bookstore. Brother, you come ’round here and try some of that, and as they say down south, “I might have a come apart.”

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..?Ministerially Speaking?

  50. Timmy,

    Jealousy will getchya nowhere! Besides, I am not one to kiss and tell.

    Now, quit trying to catch me in the comment column–I need to win one of these contests and this one ain’t looking too hot right now.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Kissing Dr. Moore

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