Said At Southern Blog Madness

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For a long time I’ve wanted to create a who’s who of the Said at Southern Network. Obviously, there are a lot of standouts in our field of 192 blogs. (58 alumni, 115 students, 19 faculty) So, I could never think of a fair system of evaluation – until now.

Just in time for the 1 year Said at Southern birthday.

What follows is a bracket style tournament (so to speak) of the best of the Said at Southern network of bloggers. The seedings are based on the number of “well said” tags I’ve given them over the past 30 days. Like all selection committees, I make no excuses for my bias.

These polls will remain open until next Sunday night. At that time I will take the top 3 picks from each bracket and advance them to the next round. I have designated each blog as A (alumni) or S (student). Once we get past the first few rounds I’ll bring in addition statistics.

You’re welcome to leave any comments below. If you’ve noticed, I excluded all faculty blog except the Rapid Fire from the Henry Institute. Let me know what you think. We might have to take our winners against them at a later date. I also disqualified Said at Southern itself for academic doping. My personal army of blogs were disqualified for using the Force to drive search engine traffic.

There are some other great blogs that I’ve had to exclude. I’m sure this list would look much different 3 months ago or 3 months from now. But it never hurts to peak at tournament time.

If you find any errors, or want to appeal, you can e-mail me directly

East Division

  1. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister – S)
    Technorati Authority: 334
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 11,800
  2. Colossians Three Sixteen (Brent Thomas – S)
    Technorati Authority: 145
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 11,200
  3. Sunday School Revolutionary (Darryl Wilson – A)
    Technorati Authority: 11
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 36*
  4. Pastor and People (Dustin Benge – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  5. Reformed Mafia (Team Blog – S)
    Google PageRank: 3
  6. Devin Hudson – A
    Google PageRank: New Domain


Midwest Division

  1. Diary of a Seminary Student (Terry Delaney – S)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: blogspot*
  2. Consumed (Owen Strachan – A)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 5,400
  3. Christ My Righteousness (Celucien L. Joseph – A)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: blogspot*
  4. I Follow Christ (Bryan Lilly – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  5. Henry Institute Rapid Fire (Robbie Sagers – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy – A)
    Google PageRank: 4


West Division

  1. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax – S)
    Technorati Authority: 198
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: 17,000
  2. Christ and Pop Culture (Rich Clark editor – S)
    Technorati Authority: 58
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 1,340
  3. Elect Exiles (Drew Dixon editor – S)
    Technorati Authority: 12
    Google PageRank: 4
    Yahoo Backlinks: wordpress*
  4. Lawn Gospel (Hank Balch – S)
    Google PageRank: 5
  5. Off The Wire (Matthew Wireman – S)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. Life Together (Doug – A)
    Google PageRank: 5


South Division

  1. Internet Monk (Michael Spenser – A)
    Technorati Authority: 727
    Google PageRank: 5
    Yahoo Backlinks:68,400
  2. Six Steps (Alex S. Leung – S)
    Technorati Authority: unlisted
    Google PageRank: 3
    Yahoo Backlinks: 1,230
  3. Living To God (Peter Beck – A)
    Technorati Authority: 3
    Google PageRank: New Domain
    Yahoo Backlinks: 9
  4. Power of Change (Reid S. Monaghan – S)
    Google PageRank: 3
  5. ACFAR Blog (John Divito – A)
    Google PageRank: 4
  6. The Silent Holocron (Stephen Newell – A)
    Google PageRank: 3


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73 Responses to Said At Southern Blog Madness

  1. Dustin Benge says:

    I am completely amazed, flabbergasted, overwhelmed, and stunned at the level of my support. To come up against such great Master Blogger as Timmy Brister and give him a run for his money…WOW…I am amazed. I expect him to pick up speed any time now and leave me chocking in the dust. Just a question, is there an electoral college if we start counting chads?

    Dustin Benge’s last blog post..Blog Madness, Mission and Meanderings

  2. Vote for me if you don’t want to get told off in sign language. 😀

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..The ?Cron Is In the ?Blog Dance!?

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Terry – I could activate myself in the sidebar comments, but you might still have me beat.

    Timmy – Ecclesiastes 4:13 ESV Better was a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knew how to take advice.

  4. Tony Kummer says:

    Terry – watch out for Sagers, he came to play.

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Stephen – I thought of you in chapel today as the girl was doing the sign translation for Goldsworthy – she had to work fast!

  6. Tony Kummer says:

    Dustin – Don’t get too excited, Brister is all about the Ninth-Inning Rally. Remember how he crashed the Ask Anything on Mars Hill?

  7. Tony–I see through your ploy of leaving seventeen comments in a row when one will suffice! Don’t think I won’t leave one letter comments to win this!

    Stephen–That was really funny.

    Timmy–I have been praying about it and the Lord has told me that I should greet you with a holy kiss next time I see you. Don’t act like you don’t want to be biblical, either!

  8. Tony,

    Four comments in a row? You are filling up my inbox brother. Consolidate my friend. One more thing: is it the top three in each group?


    Don’t believe a word Tony says, for “we are not ignorant of his schemes” (2 Anthony 1:9).

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..?Ministerially Speaking?

  9. Terry,

    You ain’t right. I’m remain unconvinced about the “holy” part of holy kisses. Anyway, there’s got to be some kind of prohibition of boy kissing in our school code of conduct somewhere. At least if you are going to do it (to others, that is) be sure to carry one of those man purses. 😉

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..?Ministerially Speaking?

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    T&T (Timmy & Terry) – Every time I sent my comment a new one would pop up needed a reply. It was almost innocent.

    And the kissing stuff will have to be deleted. You don’t want this post being quoted out of context on your enemies blog 3 years from now. Sorry.

    Dustin – If it’s any consolation, your 46 votes makes you #2 over all brackets! That alone is impressive.

  11. Timmy–Denial is not only a river in Africa! 😉

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Greeting Dr. Moore…Twice

  12. Brother Hank says:

    Let it be known that if I don’t make it to round 2, I commit myself right now to being a spoiler. Ralph Nader ain’t got nothing on me. And that is no threat my friends, that is about as certain as Kansas taking it all the way to the big house this year….!

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Cultural Question: Divorce, Abortion, and Birth Control

  13. Why are you certain that Kansas is going to prison?

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Greeting Dr. Moore…Twice

  14. Brother Hank says:

    lol. very funny terry. Oh, they’ve got convictions, but its called class, and the rest of the tourney is about to be schooled….hehehe

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Cultural Question: Divorce, Abortion, and Birth Control

  15. Drew Dixon says:

    We at elect exiles may not be winning the tournament, but we believe that the tournament is completely out of our hands and subject to the Lord who is sovereign over all blog tournaments. Plus we are not linking to the tournament and begging our readers to go and vote for us (cough*Hank*) as we believe this too to be out of our hands.

    You see this way when we lose we can say that at least we were spending our time blogging about more important things.

    But if the deficit gets to be too big, we might link to the vote!

    I hope everyone knows I am kidding. I think this whole thing is nuts, but also fun!

    Drew Dixon’s last blog post..Christ’s Righteousness, Not Our Own

  16. Oh yes, Fort Leavenworth is in Kansas, no? How appropriate. Ever since Greg Ostertag, I’ve always thought of Kansas ballplayers as thugs on the parquet.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..The ?Cron Is In the ?Blog Dance!?

  17. Dickie V says:

    What an incredible tourney baby! This field is full of some of the best diaper dandies in recent memory. I’m going for Darryl “Down Town” Wilson out of the East baby! He’s my sleeper in the this division baby! He has outside range (evangelism and missions) and he can take it inside and bang with the big boys on the block (apologetics). Wow, I am going insane at such an incredible tourney baby!

  18. The Knife says:

    There’s got to be a way to fix this game.

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  21. Tony Kummer says:

    Round 2 is up and running

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