Said At Southern Seminary – Design, Launch Campaign, Future Plans

New “Stable” Design and About Our Core Features

Since moving to our new domain, we have been aggressively climbing the WordPress learning curve. What you see here is the payoff. Our new design adds several key features and provides a more aesthetic presentation. Credits for the new theme go to Chris Pearson and Copyblogger. Blog aggregation is powered by Google Reader and the KQF plugin.

The first “Core Feature” of our site is the blog index. Good education makes good bloggers. The students, faculty and alumni of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are exhibit A. Follow the menu links above and you will discover over 85 individual blog feeds refreshing in nearly real time. Each page features a light blue box (Google Reader) that displays the most recent updates in that category. The individual blog listings (KQF) show the previous five posts with timestamps. We are constantly adding new blogs. This catalog of theologically minded bloggers is unique in all the blogosphere. These are the heirs of the Baptist Reformation and future leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The second “Core Feature” of our site is the content. We are a team blog. Our editors and contributers produce significant articles on Theology, Culture, Church History, Baptist Issues, Christian Living, Seminary, Bible Study, Ministry and more. We aim to publish articles that will transcend the disposable nature of the blogosphere. As our team grows the frequency and quality will improve.

Every post is open for discussion, clarification and debate. Because of the quality of our readership the content of our comment section is exceptional. Our blog is accountable. We insist that all users comply with our expectations. These include using your real name and much more.

A Very Brief History of Said At Southern Seminary

Said At Southern Seminary Launch Campaign

The foundation is now set and we are ready to seek a larger readership. We have designated Friday, June 1st as “Said At Southern Seminary Day.” We are inviting all our friends and readers to link to us simultaneously on that day. I will create a post displaying the inbound links from that day and designate you as a “Founding Readers.”

During the month of June, we will publish a 12 part cultural engagement series reviewing the latest CD by Derek Webb titled “The Ringing Bell.” Our hope is that this series will attract a wider Evangelical audience to the unique perspective of Said At Southern Seminary.

Your Feedback Welcome and Why This Theme?

As always, I will benefit and be honored by your feedback. Perhaps our new theme choice my seem too plain or simplistic. I am interested to hear your opinion. I have selected the Copyblogger theme based on several factors.

  1. It is a very “clean” and “simple” theme – almost to a fault. I have been carefully watching our statistics to see how readers are using our site. The majority of items on our front page were nothing more than clutter. The site design has kept only the most essential elements. I want every element of our blog to showcase the two core elements outlined above.
  2. This theme is designed for easy modifications. I am able to make small changes with ease. Its designers are constantly adding new support material to make site administration easier
  3. It has key features to promote Search Engine Optimization. Excellent content can easily get buried in Google without careful SEO. There is a ‘real estate’ value in the way search engines rank your content. It helps to have a layout that works in your favor.
  4. This theme supports text resizing. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer you can simply use “Ctrl +” or “Apple +” on Safari. This ability is essential for any website that expects users to actually read long sections of text on their screen.

Future Plans – What Is Next For Said At Southern?

The editors have more ideas than we can develop. For now, we are focusing on our “Core Features” and building readership beyond the Southern Seminary community. This means publishing excellent content and continuing to improve our blog index. Moving forward we hope to:

  • Develop a regular publication schedule.
  • Introduce additional contributers.
  • Organize regular gatherings for our Louisville area readers.
  • Publish significant team blog projects
  • Produce occasional podcast or text based interviews

Again, your suggestions are always welcomed. We want to hear your suggestions. On a personal note, I am thankful for the support and friendship of each of you. This project has been sustained by your comments, emails, encouragement and corrections.

 Posted by Tony Kummer

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8 Responses to Said At Southern Seminary – Design, Launch Campaign, Future Plans

  1. Trevin Wax says:

    I miss the “WellSaid” category. That was something I was in the habit of visiting very day, visiting the posts you guys thought were the “cream of the crop” for that day. Are you planning on reinstating the “WellSaid” category later?

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    It still exists – go to sitemap and you will find it under internal pages.

    I am thinking about posting a link page each week with all those Well Said for the last week. That way you’ll get credit with the search engines and it will be a perpetual record.

  3. Brandon Rogers says:

    This looks great guys. Thanks for putting so much work into the site. I have benefited greatly from all the links and I hope the readership continues to grow.

  4. Will Jackson says:

    Hey Tony, I like the new look and the plans for the future promotion of saidatsouthern. I believe that simple is good when it comes to the blog, so I like the new design. Thank you and the editors for putting all this together to promote the Gospel, theological issues, and SBTS. I would personally hope that the “more” part of the content could also include a discussion on missions and our generation.

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Missions are definitely on the radar. Many of Southern Seminaries best students are preparing for service as missionaries.

    This has been one of my ‘blind’ spots. My focus in my local church is so driven by being faithful and relevant to my little town that I too often forget God’s Global Vision for the Glory of Christ.

    If anyone has a article to submit about missions or something reflecting on their calling to missions we would live to feature it here. Other areas I left out above were biblical counseling, church planting, worship leadership, and Christian education. We definitely want to talk about those issues as well.

    I’m not sure what you meant by “our generation.” I would like to see articles and discussions about our generation moving into the churches. From my own experience I can see many exciting and challenging things happen when a solid Southern Seminary graduate comes to a theologically struggling church.

  6. Will Jackson says:

    Tony, missions is one of my passions. I spent 2 years as a Journeyman in South Asia and that’s what I am studying right now. I do not claim to be an expert on much in the field, but I do love to encourage others to take short term mission trips overseas. I wrote about 3 blog post explaining a concern I have that young men are not being exposed to or involved in missions. By “our generation,” I mean 18-30 year olds. (I was at New Attitude this weekend and heard “our generation” a lot.) I would love for you to take a look at it in your “free time” and see what you think.


  7. Yeah Tony, I’m with Trevin. Bring back Well Said!

    I think I have said that as well as I could say it.

  8. Oh, and *love* these snazzy comment boxes. Too cool.

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