Said At Southern Seminary “Founding Readers”

On June 1st we ‘officially’ launched Said At Southern Semianry. The following list of websites were kind enough to link us. We have designated them our “Founding Readers.” (If you linked us on or before June 1st please let me know so I can add you link.)

Sorry I missed these guys!

Thank you for your support!

Challies Dot Com –

Colossians Three Sixteen by Brent Thomas

Provocations & Pantinngs by Timmy Brister

Kingdom People by Trevin Wax

Strange BaptistFire by Nathan White

Excogitating Engineer

Reformed Baptist Thinker by John Divito

Les Puryear – Joining God In His Work

I’d rather laugh than cry by Matthew Perry

Larger Needle…or Smaller Came..


The Silent Holocron

Above All Things

The Journeymen by Hank B

Dead Yet Living

Through the Veil

Follower of The Way

On the Shoulders of Giants

The Gospel and The Kingdom by Dwayne Ewers

The Jonah Syndrome

11:36 – Sean Gould

LeStourgeon Online

The Gospel and The Kingdom

Godward Journeys

kata Drew Maust

Approaching North

Thinking Christianly

These Short Years

A Simple Servant

A Piece of the Continent

This Lamp: Rick Mansfield

Posted By Tony Kummer

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12 Responses to Said At Southern Seminary “Founding Readers”

  1. Thanks for this link Tony. You’ve got a great thing going on here, and it was a pleasure linking to you.

    I’ll enjoy reading the other “Said at Southern” links as well!


  2. R. Mansfield says:

    I added you on June 1 in my blog roll on my “Links of Interest” page. Does that count?

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Rick – Thanks & sorry to have left you out. Did you update you blog theme? I can’t remember but it seems different. I use Google reader usually.

  4. R. Mansfield says:

    Yes, I updated it a few days ago.

  5. TGiddens says:

    I was in there too! A long time ago…


  6. Will Jackson says:

    Hey Tony, I also linked to SaidatSouthern on the 1st. Here’s my post:


    Will J

  7. Trevin Wax says:

    This is a great service you guys are providing. Thanks for linking to us supporters in return.

  8. i added s.a.s. to my links list a month or so ago…

  9. Tony Kummer says:

    Sorry guys. You are added now.

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  11. Bryant Owens says:

    Thanks for this wonderful service!!

  12. Bryant Owens says:

    Oh…can you add my site to your list?

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