SBC in Crisis: Blog Roundup for 10/06/2007, Reading Week Edition

Hmmm, October 6th. 10-6. I sense a theme emerging for this month….

The official police “ten-code” list defines 10-6 as “Busy — stand by unless urgent” and that is a little how the Roundup Redactor has been feeling this week. This may have been reading week, but there were still Southern Seminarians blogging, and I have the pleasure of bringing a selection of them to you. The New York Times may fancy itself the arbiter of what is fit to print, but in this job, it is you, the bloggers who decide what is fit to print in this setting, and I get to follow your lead and highlight the issues and topics you’ve decided are important to discuss. This week, with folks out of classes and not attending chapel services, it is tougher to pick out the patterns and memes of what is on folks’ minds, but one blogger has given us a whole week of seismic level blogging all on one theme, our dear Southern Baptist Convention.

Timmy Brister has produced an outstanding series of posts this week. So much so, that I am (temporarily) promoting him out of the “good ol’ boy” sandbox and headlining his work this week. Brother Brister has blogged about what he sees as the main issues this convention faces. His posts can be a bit forceful at times, but they stick to the issues and I don’t think anyone can accuse him of doing this ad hominem at all.

I think Timmy’s blogging is significant enough that it should get the maximum exposure possible. The remainder of the roundup will be somewhat abbreviated and not especially themed.

And that’s all, folks for this week. Tune in next week for all the news that’s fit to cut and paste.

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