Will The Real SBTS Insider Please Stand Up?

It should come as no surprise, that I’m not a Southern Seminary insider. In fact, I probably spend more time deleting seminary bulk emails than I spend on campus.

The only perk I get from owning Said at Southern is the annual Christmas card from the President, which I have been told is sent to all SBTS students.

I did have a nightmare about hosting Dr. Mohler’s radio program, but that is a long story and involves some rather deep psychoanalysis. Moving on . . .

So, I was more than excited to learn about the new blog for the Southern Seminary family titled Inside SBTS. Here is a quote from Dr. Mohler’s inaugural post:

This new blog is for you — the Southern Seminary community. We need a medium that will allow for a public conversation about what is happening at Southern Seminary and Boyce College. “Inside Southern Seminary” is especially for the faculty, staff, students, trustees, and friends of this institution. We hope you will find the blog interesting, informative, and genuinely helpful.

My initial thoughts:

  • Great design
  • Easy to keep up with campus news directly
  • I can’t imagine they would open up public comments, but a contact form would help “public conversation”
  • I’ve heard rumors about student bloggers – I could see someone from PR staff posting, but nothing more

SBTS Insider Website

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4 Responses to Will The Real SBTS Insider Please Stand Up?

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  2. I wonder if this is going to replace Dr. Mohler’s “Conventional Thinking” blog. I agree – nice design and well done. Do you think this will replace The Towers?

    BTW, a noteworthy observation is that several of the recent faculty additions are bloggers, not the least of which include Drs. Michael Haykin and Jim Hamilton.

    Timmy Bristers last blog post..Tried and Deemed Credible: Mere Words Alone Do Not Suffice

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    @Timmy: I think the “Conventional Thinking” blog has been abandoned, either that or they lost the admin password.

    I don’t think it would replace the Towers, but I could imagine some overlap with some things Mohler writes being re-published in the Towers.

    My guess is they are just looking for better way to communicate. In terms of institutional branding, hearing directly from Mohler will be a winner for SBTS.

    For Southern to continue to grow and prosper financially, they will have to build support from outside the Cooperative Program (which will eventually decline or plateau). The more people know about what God is doing at Southern, the more willing they will be to support it.

    S0, blogging faculty are always a plus. Everyone will be their own PR department.

  4. I am hoping that those who are running the site will allow for the conversation amongst the interested like they are saying. I think it would encouraging if the faculty and the students were able to talk back and forth about issues relating to SBTS. I guess a wait and see approach is best to see how and if this will work.

    Terry Delaneys last blog post..I Hope This is Not the Standard for the Week!

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