Evangelism First! Roundup for 1/4/07

The weekly redaction has been a shoot-from-the-hip affair where I’ve tried to point out quality blogging by my fellow Southern Seminary students and line up several links on similar topics. There are literally hundreds of categories into which I’ve filed posts that stood out to me for one reason or another, but there is one category that I want to promote above the others, and that is blogging on Evangelism.

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I’ve decided that for 2008, the first roundup of each month will be focused on Evangelism, and that is because so many Southern Seminary bloggers have so many helpful blog posts on it. So, I give you the first installment of Evangelism First!

Stay tuned for next month’s installment of the Evangelism First! roundup. And next week, we’ll have a look at cultural engagement through blogging, as well as whatever else strikes my fancy.

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