School Is Out – What Will You Do This Summer?

The Spring 2007 semester is officially over.  What are the top 5 things you will be doing this Summer? 

What about you?

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14 Responses to School Is Out – What Will You Do This Summer?

  1. Trevin Wax says:

    I’ve got two J-terms planned this summer, so things are just starting to rev up for me. The syllabus for both classes were posted this week, and the reading requirements are pretty long!

  2. Brandon Rogers says:

    I’m also up for two j-terms…

    But I could seriously watch the above video all summer, and probably never grow tired of it.

  3. Work, work, work. The only difference from this past semester is that I won’t be in class. I am working on formulating some personal reading and writing projects. And I will be preparing for teaching next year. Spending lots of time outside with my kids and hopefully playing with my photography.

    And traveling to NY, PA and DE to visit family. Looking forward to driving countless hours with four young kids in the van!

    BTW, this site is looking a lot better now. Nice work Tony.

  4. Tony Kummer says:

    Today is Lego time with my son – all day lego battles. We’ll probably turn it into a movie. After that:
    1. Writing VBS curriculum
    2. Philosophy with Dr. Parker
    3. Statistics in July with ??
    4. Vacation at Holiday World
    5. Fridays with the family all summer : )

    On YouTube there is a Dancing Lego people movie for this same song. It’s classic.

  5. Trevin Wax says:

    Hey, I had my lego-time with my son today too… we’ll probably have another round this afternoon after his nap.

    Right now, it’s time to get a head start on reading for summer school. Enough blogging… 🙂

  6. Aaron Hawk says:

    1 – Work on my new blog – I’m new to blogging all the way around
    2 – Request that my new blog be added to this site 😉
    3 – Figure out where I’m working so I can eat next semester
    4 – Serve wherever I am
    5 – Hopefully be able to lead my dad (and others) to the Lord!

  7. Aaron Hawk says:

    oh yeah, study Greek (he he)

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    I prefer J-terms over regular semester classes. It seems like I learn more when I can concentrate and become unbalanced for a few intensive weeks.

    On the other hand – its often hard to process all that information without sleep 🙂

    Aaron – your site looks nice. I’ve added you to the Students Said section. Make sure you read “THE RULES”

    Trevin – I didn’t take you for a lego maniac. Here is a link to our video sideshow from today’s battle.

  9. Trevin Wax says:

    Wow… the lego battle looks great!

  10. Aaron Hawk says:

    Hey, thanks I appreciate it. I will look again just to make sure 🙂

  11. Tony Kummer says:

    It was an epic battle. Whenever you add the Dragons from Mega Blocks the storyline turns a little toward the Hobbit

    Aaron, thanks for the adding Said At Southern to your blogroll

  12. Will Jackson says:

    1. Work and play softball
    2. Enjoy time with my wife
    3. Yardwork
    4. New Testament II w/ Dr. Cook
    5. Knock some books off my reading list:
    – Saint by Ted Dekker
    – Abtstract of Systematic Theology by Boyce
    – Knowledge of the Holy by Tozer
    – the 2 books we have to read for the Ambassador program.

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