Second Round : Said at Southern Blog Madness

With 820 votes cast, the first round of the Said at Southern Blog Madness lived up to its name. After all the hype and 70 comments, it was time for round two. Here is how this round will work:

  • You can vote for only one blog in each division.
  • I’ve re-ordered each division field based on 1st round votes.
  • Next Sunday night, I’ll advance the division winners to the final four.

Choose your vote wisely. I gave no instructions for the first round, so we found out which blog have build a loyal fan base. But it will take more than popularity to make the final four. With the narrow field, please visit the blogs you don’t know and get a feel for their content. This is a very strong field of blogs. In this round I would like voters to consider the following criteria:

  • Which blog consistently glorifies Christ with its content? Does the blogger express a transparent love for God?
  • Which blog encourages other believers? Does the blogger express a transparent love for others?

Make your case. The comments are open for you to play the pundit. Enthusiastic support (and self-promotion) are welcome. Just be sure to make your case from the criteria above. For example, you might write a post featuring your top 5 posts. Or if you want to support your favorite blogger, you could write a tribute post for them.

Prize for the winner. I am currently planning to give the winning blogger a $50 gift certificate to Westminster Book Store. This was something I’ve earned from them for promoting their bookstore on my children’s ministry blog. This seems like the perfect moment to give it away. It is possible, but I’m not ready to promise, that more prizes will come for the final four qualifiers.

The statistics below are gathered from Google Reader. They don’t reflect feedburner’s feed count, but they do give a ballpark of one’s readership. I’ve tried to note who has feeburner stats that aren’t counted with a ** symbol. Don’t let these stats overwhelm you. Everyone likes to pull for an underdog!

West Division Finals

  1. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax – S)
    Round One Votes: 72
    Subscriber Count: 129 + 71 via Feedburner
    Posts Per Week: 11.4
  2. Christ and Pop Culture (Rich Clark editor – S)
    Round One Votes: 71
    Subscriber Count: 55
    Posts Per Week: Not Listed
  3. Elect Exiles (Drew Dixon editor – S)
    Round One Votes: 68
    Subscriber Count: 6
    Posts Per Week: 7.0


South Division Finals

  1. Internet Monk (Michael Spenser – A)
    Round One Votes: 65
    Subscriber Count: 836
    Posts Per Week: 7.2
  2. Power of Change (Reid S. Monaghan – S)
    Round One Votes: 49
    Subscriber Count: 40
    Posts Per Week: 5.2
  3. The Silent Holocron (Stephen Newell – A)
    Round One Votes: 37
    Subscriber Count: 6
    Posts Per Week: 4.0


East Division Finals

  1. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister – S)
    Round One Votes: 80
    Subscriber Count: 214
    Posts Per Week: 9.1
  2. Pastor and People (Dustin Benge – S)
    Round One Votes: 74
    Subscriber Count: 5**
    Posts Per Week: 4.7
  3. Sunday School Revolutionary (Darryl Wilson – A)
    Round One Votes: 52
    Subscriber Count: 16**
    Posts Per Week: 6.3


Midwest Division Finals

  1. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy – A)
    Round One Votes: 76
    Subscriber Count: 482
    Posts Per Week: 4.9
  2. Diary of a Seminary Student (Terry Delaney – S)
    Round One Votes: 66
    Subscriber Count: 14
    Posts Per Week: 9.3
  3. Consumed (Owen Strachan – A)
    Round One Votes: 65
    Subscriber Count: 52
    Posts Per Week: 4.9

Creative Commons License photo credit: Leposava

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83 Responses to Second Round : Said at Southern Blog Madness

  1. Y’all counting me out already? Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Holding the Door for Controversy

  2. Steve McCoy says:

    Stop the sniper fire, Brister, A vote for me is a vote for change. Reformissionary is change you can believe in.

    Steve McCoy’s last blog post..VOTE NOW!!!

  3. kschaub says:

    Ouch, we are getting beat . . . down.

    Folks, I did not know where else to tell you about this, so I thought I would try it here . . . to let you know. We are hosted a Church History Quiz contest, complete with a prize (possibly three if there is heavy turn-out). Anyway, I thought you would have fun with that.

    FYI, I may have to disqualify a few of you historians . . . just to keep it fair!


    kschaub’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 1 (Prizes?!)

  4. Mr. McKoi,

    Sniper fire? Only Hillary knows about that! 🙂

    I do know about Olan Mill’s pictures though. My research team is working hard to gather all the pertinent information to launch skuds in the final round.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..A Christian Education and Witnessing at Work

  5. Drew Dixon says:

    Trevin must have sent out an email to the entire nation of Romania! We are getting skunked!

    Drew Dixon’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 1 (Prizes?!)

  6. Steve McCoy says:

    Confidence. 🙂

    Steve McCoy’s last blog post..VOTE NOW!!!

  7. kschaub says:

    Wow, we have actually gotten some votes today . . . I hope they’re all legit. 🙂

    kschaub’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 1 (Prizes?!)

  8. Kris says:

    I voted for McCoy because he is the ‘typical’ reformed blogger my ‘un-typical grandmother never new about.

  9. Reid says:

    OK men, did you see that Dr. McCoy has already spent the prize money! His numbers are strong in the Sweet 12 – but he still has the final four. Wow…hubris. I would humbly like to take him down if I get the chance. A humble man only talks junk after his victory is complete.

  10. Steve McCoy says:

    LOL! The comment didn’t post immediately for me (I get some weird error message when I try to comment here). So I figured it didn’t take. Nice to see it did.

    By the way, I tried to fill my cart at Westminster with Left Behind books for the screencap, but they wisely don’t carry any.

  11. I think as brothers in Christ, everyone should vote for the Diary to keep Brother McCoy from his idolatry. Call it intervention or whatever you want, but we need to keep him from his sin! 😉

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..The Dentist Take 3

  12. Joe Thorn says:

    Reid, the humble never talk smack – especially after they have won. But talking smack during a game is humorous, not hubris. In Steve’s case I think it’s humorous false hubris.

    Having said that, I’m voting for anyone besides Steve. He’s my best friend and all, but any time he fails I look better. At least to myself. And that’s what matter most. My own self-conception.

    Joe Thorn’s last blog post..The Full Paradigm

  13. Joe Thorn says:

    In fact, 1/2 of Terry’s votes are mine. 😉

    Joe Thorn’s last blog post..The Full Paradigm

  14. Steve McCoy says:

    Joe, 1/2 of Terry’s votes are mine too!

  15. Joe and Steve: you can’t have one without the other.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Gospeling at Work, Part 2

  16. C’mon Steve! When are you going to write another blogpost? You can’t keep your shameless advertisement on the top of your blog all week long. Surely there are some esoteric YouTube videos of indie bands out there begging for your attention and services!

    Oh, and there is a Tim Keller interview recently done by Matt Perry. That would look good on the top of your blog as well.

    And did you hear about what Roger Moran said about A29? Ooooh, I bet there’s a ton of people waiting to hear from you on your lastest installment of “Things I Hate About Us.”

    Blog, sir – puhlease. 😀

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Gospeling at Work, Part 2

  17. You guys are keeping me smiling. Keep it up!

    One thing I do know: the 3 Midwest bloggers must have more money for votes than the rest of us as their total vote count would indicate (more than 100 more than any other region).

    Personally, I am successfully holding down last place. Don’t anyone dare make a move toward my position!

  18. Y’all are ruthless! Auctioning off my votes already! Whoever will buy me a book with their winnings will win my votes and support. I will even post about the greatness of your blog and how I am going to vote for it and on and on and on–that is if I don’t make my comeback. I am still hoping for a voting of the 5,000 or some miracle like that.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Integrity in Life and Integrity in Ministry

  19. kschaub says:

    If I reiterate an offer of a prize for the winner of our Church History Quiz contest, will people vote for us?

    Probably not.

    Oh well . . . if you want to win a book, give our quiz a shot. Some have found it tough. 🙂

    By the way, Tony . . . is Said at Southeastern being actively run?

    kschaub’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 2

  20. Tony Kummer says:

    I should have hired some referees for this round, Timmy may have just drawn a technical foul.

    kschaub – I turned Said at Southeastern over to a student who also works on campus there. I’m not sure what they’re doing.

  21. kschaub says:

    Oh yeah, Timmy deserves technical fouls nearly as much as Reformissionary. Remember, in the NBA, 16 technical fouls results in a one game suspension. That could be critical for Timmy!

    Tony, I tried contacting Said At Southeastern on Monday . . . maybe they just don’t work as actively as S@S!

    kschaub’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 2

  22. Tony,

    What’s up with this technical foul bizniss? You cry foul and then make up the rulz? Methinks you are just trying to create controversy. Go ahead and let it be known that you did not vote for me (I saw Tony’s votes with my own eyes).

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Churches, Affirm the Importance of Work and Mission

  23. schaubk says:

    Oh, did you?! The polls have been tainted . . . news headlines read: Brister Tampered w/Polls to Get Votes.

    I can see it now:

    Page comments, “we had such great hopes he would drop his quick and dirty ways and join us in full force.”

    “Ascol’s church laments hiring Brister,” a source close to the investigation says . . .

    Haha . . . 🙂

    schaubk’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 2

  24. schaubk says:

    And the rumors begin . . .

    schaubk’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 2

  25. I see the politics are beginning to get real dirty. Speaking of which, my votes are for sale in the final round!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..A Day with No Toys

  26. kschaub says:

    Do I have dyslexia . . . kschaub, schaubk?

    I suppose I should say that my above comments #s 73 and 74 were in jest since you guys only know me via the blogosphere.

    kschaub’s last blog post..Church History Quiz, Pt. 2

  27. Of course, we learned, belatedly, what really happened…

    The evil Sith Lords stole the votes for me to feed their greed and arrogance.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..Weekend Wonderings: Links, No Eggs

  28. What a great idea, Tony and Timmy. Seems like this is really creating some virtual community, getting people to discover one another and all that. I’m sure folks are reading blogs they’d never checked before. Great idea.

    Those who have commented on my insignificant blog have been most kind. Honestly, I really appreciate your words, and they encouraged me. They motivated me in my ministry to my mother, my best friend, and the four random google searchers looking for corn-dog recipes who end up on my blog each day.

    Joking aside, thanks for the encouragement.

    All this gratitude and fluffery is soon to be for naught, however, as I prepare to put my glass slippers in the closet. Thanks for letting me into the second round, Tony–the check’s in the mail. What I want to know is this: who will be the first top seed to go? Or to put it another way, if a Provocations & Pantings falls in the forest, does anyone yet read it?

    Owen Strachan’s last blog post..The Week-est Link, March 28. 2008: Blogging Tournaments, Disney World, Blog Gems, and Violence

  29. Drew Dixon says:

    Hey I thought I would mention, since we are a relatively new blog, that I posted something of a ‘best of elect exiles’ today. So if you want to get an idea of what we have been throwin down on the blogosphere, check it out!

    This has been fun, I have enjoyed checking out many of your blogs, thanks for dropping by ours!

    Owen–I love your corn dog recipes!

    Drew Dixon’s last blog post..Nearly 6 Months of Blogging!

  30. Reid says:

    Owen – you are a class act brother. If P&P falls in the forest – God will yet still read it (more like fully know its contents from eternity)

  31. Well,

    If you ask me, I would wonder when we ever first made it out of the woods. Of course, having Owen as a contributor is part of that job (no pressure Owen). 🙂

    But seriously, a lot of us are getting together for this year’s band of bloggers which is coming up in about two weeks. Right now, there are about 105 coming from across the country and UK. It would be a great time for many of us to meet and hang out for a couple of hours (plus, I’ve got some free stuff scheduled to give away to everyone who attends (I’m an equal opportunity donor) that will exceed whatever prize you might win in Tony’s wide world of blog dominion. 🙂

    Registration closes Monday, and there is room still available, so if you would like to come, be sure to sign up ASAP.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Of Princes and Prisoners: Reverend Wright, Retirement, and Real Christianity

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