Second Round : Said at Southern Blog Madness

With 820 votes cast, the first round of the Said at Southern Blog Madness lived up to its name. After all the hype and 70 comments, it was time for round two. Here is how this round will work:

  • You can vote for only one blog in each division.
  • I’ve re-ordered each division field based on 1st round votes.
  • Next Sunday night, I’ll advance the division winners to the final four.

Choose your vote wisely. I gave no instructions for the first round, so we found out which blog have build a loyal fan base. But it will take more than popularity to make the final four. With the narrow field, please visit the blogs you don’t know and get a feel for their content. This is a very strong field of blogs. In this round I would like voters to consider the following criteria:

  • Which blog consistently glorifies Christ with its content? Does the blogger express a transparent love for God?
  • Which blog encourages other believers? Does the blogger express a transparent love for others?

Make your case. The comments are open for you to play the pundit. Enthusiastic support (and self-promotion) are welcome. Just be sure to make your case from the criteria above. For example, you might write a post featuring your top 5 posts. Or if you want to support your favorite blogger, you could write a tribute post for them.

Prize for the winner. I am currently planning to give the winning blogger a $50 gift certificate to Westminster Book Store. This was something I’ve earned from them for promoting their bookstore on my children’s ministry blog. This seems like the perfect moment to give it away. It is possible, but I’m not ready to promise, that more prizes will come for the final four qualifiers.

The statistics below are gathered from Google Reader. They don’t reflect feedburner’s feed count, but they do give a ballpark of one’s readership. I’ve tried to note who has feeburner stats that aren’t counted with a ** symbol. Don’t let these stats overwhelm you. Everyone likes to pull for an underdog!

West Division Finals

  1. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax – S)
    Round One Votes: 72
    Subscriber Count: 129 + 71 via Feedburner
    Posts Per Week: 11.4
  2. Christ and Pop Culture (Rich Clark editor – S)
    Round One Votes: 71
    Subscriber Count: 55
    Posts Per Week: Not Listed
  3. Elect Exiles (Drew Dixon editor – S)
    Round One Votes: 68
    Subscriber Count: 6
    Posts Per Week: 7.0


South Division Finals

  1. Internet Monk (Michael Spenser – A)
    Round One Votes: 65
    Subscriber Count: 836
    Posts Per Week: 7.2
  2. Power of Change (Reid S. Monaghan – S)
    Round One Votes: 49
    Subscriber Count: 40
    Posts Per Week: 5.2
  3. The Silent Holocron (Stephen Newell – A)
    Round One Votes: 37
    Subscriber Count: 6
    Posts Per Week: 4.0


East Division Finals

  1. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister – S)
    Round One Votes: 80
    Subscriber Count: 214
    Posts Per Week: 9.1
  2. Pastor and People (Dustin Benge – S)
    Round One Votes: 74
    Subscriber Count: 5**
    Posts Per Week: 4.7
  3. Sunday School Revolutionary (Darryl Wilson – A)
    Round One Votes: 52
    Subscriber Count: 16**
    Posts Per Week: 6.3


Midwest Division Finals

  1. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy – A)
    Round One Votes: 76
    Subscriber Count: 482
    Posts Per Week: 4.9
  2. Diary of a Seminary Student (Terry Delaney – S)
    Round One Votes: 66
    Subscriber Count: 14
    Posts Per Week: 9.3
  3. Consumed (Owen Strachan – A)
    Round One Votes: 65
    Subscriber Count: 52
    Posts Per Week: 4.9

Creative Commons License photo credit: Leposava

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83 Responses to Second Round : Said at Southern Blog Madness

  1. Rich Clark says:

    We’re a fairly new site, but nonetheless I think I can come up with five posts that demonstrate that Christ and Pop Culture is really an attempt to serve our fellow believers in thinking through the culture around them in a way that glorifies and honors Christ.

    1. The first that comes to mind is actually a series of posts in which I discuss the dangers and benefits of various mediums. Film, television, the internet, video games, etc. are neutral in a sense, but in another sense, they can uniquely captitalize on our own weaknesses or they can often help us to overcome them. It’s all about approaching these mediums with wisdom and sober mindedness. See In Praise of Film, The Dangers of Film, In Praise of Television, and The Dangers of Television.

    2. In “How do You Respond When Your Team Loses?” David Dunham was humble enough to share his thoughts after his Ohio State Buckeyes suffered yet another crushing defeat at the BCS championship game.

    3. Sometimes people question the various films we watch and praise by quoting verses such as Philippians 4:8. Ben Bartlett took the opportunity for some old fasioned exegesis in What Does Philippians 4:8 Really Mean?

    4. Alan Noble challenges the t-shirt/bumper sticker method of evangelism in “Wearing Our Faith.”

    5. And then we have a number of podcasts where we provide a sort of example of what it’s like for Christians to take the time to think Christianly about the culture around us. Some more noteworthy examples are Oprah’s Big Podcast, Where is All the Good Christian Art?, and Sniping for Christ (featuring Consumed’s Owen Strachan).

    There’s a lot of great blogs here. I’ve discovered and subscribed to a few new feeds as a result of this contest. It’s an honor to be included.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Reflections For The Holy Weekend

  2. Tony,

    Not sure explained this already, but will the votes from the first round be added with the second round (IOW, it is cumulative)?

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Because Christ Is Risen, Abound in the Work of the Lord

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Votes start at ZERO, it’s a whole new season

  4. Brother Hank says:

    Alas, like my fightin’ Texas Aggies, I did not make quite as far as I had hoped in the tourney! But there’s always next year. And I could always transfer to SEBTS and maybe get another year of eligibility…lol.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..John Bunyan on Considerations of the Heart

  5. Rich Clark says:

    Tony, I think my first comment got marked as spam because it had some links in it. You can delete this comment. Just letting you know.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Reflections For The Holy Weekend

  6. Tony Kummer says:

    I went into that spam filter (entirely a disgusting place) and came back with your comment. Thanks for letting me know.

    I have the filter set on strict, we get some serious garbage.

  7. Rich Clark says:

    Tony, thanks. Sorry you had to venture into that place. I know how that is.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Mii Jesus

  8. Wax.

    Trevin has encouraged me in his tales of reaching the Romanian Village People.
    Reid always has something Christ-honoring to say.
    Timmy has convicted me through his tales of evangelism at UPS.
    Owen, in my estimation, has the highest quality of blogging of the whole bunch. I believe his blog is substantially underappreciated because the average length of his posts is long-ish. Nevertheless, I think if folks will but read his entries and see how they lift up the church and bring glory to Christ, Owen would win the tournament, hands down.

    G. F. McDowell’s last blog post..Google Map of Jesus’ last week

  9. Interesting, Southern Division round II results seem to be exactly the reverse of Round I, at least so far. I guess I don’t really care who wins that as long as iMonk loses! 😉

    G. F. McDowell’s last blog post..Google Map of Jesus’ last week

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    I think I could make a case for almost every blog listed. One of the bloggers in the contest suggested this approach: If you had to limit yourself to only one of these blogs in the next year – which would you choose?

    I’m not mentioning his name because he went on to tell me he wouldn’t choose his own.

    And to give some credit to the eliminated blogs, several of them could have made a longer run if they had a more established readership.

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  12. kschaub says:

    Tony and all, I will echo G.F.’s comment on Strachan’s blog. When it comes down to a handful of blogs in a tournament format, there are times when a true fans colors show. For example, I am a baseball fan and an Atlanta Braves fan. I would always be happy if the Braves when, but if they don’t, I won’t quit watching games. But more importantly, I know when there are teams better than my beloved Braves.

    For those who don’t know me, I’m a contributor at Elect Exiles. Drew and I met in Taiwan while sharing the gospel during a trip our church took to Taichung. Our time sharing the gospel together is really the reason why I thought asking Drew to blog with me would be an edifying and sharpening experience.

    But as fond as I am of my blog, of all the SAS blogs I have read, Owen’s is the best. Christ and Pop Culture is the prettiest. Haha, that is why I did a little work to make Elect Exiles prettier last night (jk). Anyway, this has been fun.

    kschaub’s last blog post..Christ’s Righteousness, Not Our Own

  13. Rich Clark says:

    kschaub, we’re blushing!

    I actually really love Elect Exiles and pretty much agree with all of the sentiments about Owen’s site. Great stuff there.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Mii Jesus

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  15. Joseph Gould says:

    Y’all are all way too much into this “March Blog Madness” thing. 🙂

    My vote is for Elect Exiles as “the best blog whose contributors are not editors for S@S”. Not that there is anything wrong with being an editor at S@S (I consider both Timmy and Owen friends and I enjoy both their blogs), but with a Westminster gift certificate on the line, my vote is for the Exiles.

    Joseph Gould’s last blog post..A Poem for Easter

  16. I am humbled with praise to God that my little corner of the blogosphere even got this far. I had no idea that more people read my online newsprint. Many thanks to all of you who voted for The Silent Holocron.

    To thank you for your patronage, I will be starting a series this week (hopefully to be done weekly) which I will call “Beliefbusters.” It’s intended as a “Mythbusters,” theology-style. I will research popular beliefs and post on them, and I will also solicit pop theology from readers that need to be addressed. Our first “belief-myth” will be the myth that Lucifer is Satan.

    Any of these blogs, one on one, would be well worth your reading time. Thanks for considering mine one of them!

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..Important Puritan Reading Challenge Update!

  17. Reid says:

    I love Owen’s longish writings as well. He is a fine young thinker, I just wish he would show his hip hop side on his blog more. He did call my blog “punchy” once – I really don’t know what that means – I think it was an apologetic to stuffy people for recommending my blog.

    Trevin told me about this madness last week…you guys are funny…Brister, you will have a day job soon.

    Just so we know, actual pageviews on a blog really matter and if the iMonk ever posted a “go vote for me” – it would just be over…kind of like Arkansas playing the Tarheels.

    Thanks for your kindness G.F. McDowell.

    UNC Wrestling/Physics 96

  18. No love for the rookie in the comment log. I am truly humbled to have even made it out of the first round and figure that my lead is over Owen’s blog is extremely short-lived.

    Regardless, I hope to at least represent the new class of bloggers at SBTS with a good showing in the second round.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Learning on the Lord’s Day

  19. Trevin Wax says:

    Wow… it’s an honor to be included in this list of Top 12 SBTS-affiliated bloggers.

    The competition is stiff!

    Thanks to whoever voted for me and got me to this round.

    Trevin Wax’s last blog post..After the Baby Boomers: Preface

  20. Trevin, what exactly are we? The…

    Top-notch Twelve?

    Terrific Twelve?

    Tantalizing Twelve?

    Thunderous Twelve?

    Transcendent Twelve?

    Titanic Twelve?

    Towering Twelve?

    Tremendous Twelve? Maybe not, that’s a breakfast dish at Perkins’. I’ll hush now.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..New Blog Feature: ?Beliefbusters?

  21. Honestly, I am honored to have had my blog, The Sunday School Revolutionary, chosen to be in the tournament. I am thankful for the additional exposure, and I am enjoying the fun element it has added. I never expected to make it to the Division finals!

    Tony, thanks for your site and your tireless work to keep the site updated. I don’t know how you do it because there are so many blogs included!

  22. Tony Kummer says:

    Round 2 is off to a strong start. No one is out of range yet, Owen has been heralded as blogging prophet and Timmy has survived my treachery (I love underdogs).

    The number 12 worked out without too much contemplation, but we can consider it typological if you like.

    I will say I like Terry’s blog. His approach is straight forward and very compelling. If we did a word count, he would definitely be final four!

    Longish – Is that like saying, “Bless his heart

  23. Drew Dixon says:

    Hey I thought I should join this discussion, since my blog has been mentioned.

    Joseph, thanks for the encouraging comments on our blog. I know my posts are really really long-ish, so for those of you who have waded through one of my entire blog posts–thanks and I hope I didn’t bore you to death!

    Our blog is fairly new, we have been around for about 6 months–two of which Kevin and I took different months off to get engaged!

    I would echo everyone’s comments on Owen’s blog–though I am a little biased because Owen has been a great friend to me.

    This Blog Madness stuff has challenged me to read more of what Southern guys are putting out on the blogosphere–there is really some great stuff out there, bravo guys!

    Drew Dixon’s last blog post..How Should Our Churches be Led? 2/3

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  25. Good grief. I’m getting killed. Is there any award for most badly beaten?

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Witnessing at Work: Sacred vs. Secular?

  26. Reid says:

    You can always post “go vote for me” to your blog…look at what it did for the Reformissionary’s numbers today!

    Let’s see – we could call it the “2008 Duke” award.

  27. Drew Dixon says:

    We are shameless–I we did the “go vote for me thing” and it didn’t really help our numbers!

    There is, however, plenty of time left Timmy–just think of some really great provocations and you will be good.

    Drew Dixon’s last blog post..Christ’s Righteousness, Not Our Own, Pt. 2

  28. Reid says:

    Drew – not a thing wrong with that…Steve’s logic of “hey this is for 50 dollars worth of books” is pretty interesting.

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  30. Tony Kummer says:

    The polls are really heating up tonight. It looks like the competition has finally brought Timmy out from his 9th inning mode. Check out the special banner he has placed on his blog!

    Watch out for McCoy, he’s already picked out the books.

    Several have asked, and I AM MONITORING FOR CHEATERS. So, don’t be obvious or I’ll drop your votes to ZERO or below. 🙂

  31. The grassroots effort is underway! Goliath is going down.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..David and Goliath–Said Style

  32. Dennis Morgan says:

    Go Grassroots! (Does David being a shepherd have anything to do with this? Sheep…grass…?)

    The man Terry Delaney of age and wonderful family has deemed himself worthy of such a contest. His bountiful surplus of blogging excellence supercedes those of youth and vigor. Wisdom displays itself in humilty and honesty.

    May all who read his blog be blessed by it.

  33. John Brewer says:

    Do you really need more books?????

  34. Tony Kummer says:

    Update: I’ve went in to audit the results and had to make some changes. It didn’t affect the front runners, except that some who were closing the gap lost ground.

    I’ve also added some safeguards to the poll to limit unlimited voting.

    And yes, Reformissionary has really sent that much traffic to blow out his division. Hang in there Terry!

  35. Um, well my wife will tell you no, especially since I am currently boxing them up in preparations to move. But . . .

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Provoke the Vote 2008: ?Yes We Can!?

  36. How can I hang in there when I am the one losing ground? I would say that greatly affects the front runners albeit in a positive way. Dang it! Oh well, I guess I am going to have take up that idea of selling my class notes for votes now! LOL!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Holding the Door for Controversy

  37. You guys are a funny bunch! 🙂

    Personally I am planning to offer pastors all over the state Sunday School training conferences and consultations for votes. I figure it will be a win-win situation. 🙂

  38. Tony Kummer says:

    Darryl – Now that Brister is hitting the blogger’s HGH you better offer those conferences in TN, IN, OH and KY.

    Terry – I hated to edit your stuff, but there was no way around it.

    Timmy – I’ve seen your apartment and your books are a little out of control. How are you going to get all that stuff to Florida in your little car?

  39. No biggy–I was just wondering what happened with losing 20 votes all of a sudden right when I was mounting my comeback!

    Maybe I ought to write about Job and voting next time 😉

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Holding the Door for Controversy

  40. To Tony re: Timmy’s books,
    You’re talking to UPS man there. Surely he can find a way, as a last resort, even “borrowing” one of those big brown vans to get his books to FLA.

    In all seriousness, I am a big fan of USPS Media Mail to ship my library across the country. (I wish I was eligible for the Library rate) I’ve done it twice now, and twice it has saved me from having to resort to U-Haul. It’s cheaper than you’d think, and they will deliver right to your door!

    G. F. McDowell’s last blog post..Obama: Cult of Personality?

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  42. I can see a huge clash coming between P&P and Reformissionary…It’s going to get ugly. Look at those votes cast!!

    Matthew Wireman’s last blog post..?Dividing Mere Academy and Spiritual Capitation

  43. Reid says:

    Yeah, those two are begging for votes on their blogs…I believe Stephen just played the DEAF card as well. Fierce competitors.

  44. Tony Kummer says:

    It don’t think it’s a coincidence that Timmy has started adding team members to P&P at just the same point this tournament was launched!

    The Holocron is pulling out all his weapons, I fear this challenge might push him over to the DARK SIDE.

  45. Reid says:

    OK, I am going to post this thing

  46. Tim, Are you going to divvy this gift card up with me since I am now a contributor? If you don’t, the whole blogosphere will know what kind of man you are!

    Matthew Wireman’s last blog post..Gospeling at Work (1 of 2)

  47. Come on, now. We all know that silence is golden.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..Blog Madness, Round 2: ?DEAF CAN!!?

  48. Matt,

    Well, I haven’t thought about what I would do with the gift card thing because I do want to be presumptuous and all (wink to Mr. McKoi).

    I thought about buying copies of Trouble with TULIP and giving a copy to you, Owen, and Jason, autographed by Mr. Page himself.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Band of Bloggers Registration Closes in One Week!

  49. Tony,

    Don’t ask me to tell you about when we moved to Louisville from Alabama. The first day here was my worst day, just put it that way.

    We are packing the stuff, but someone is driving (thank God!).

    Oh and about the team members, don’t be stirring up controversy Mr. Mischief. I have been added one a month since January, so your scheming does not comport, sir. 🙂

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Band of Bloggers Registration Closes in One Week!

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