Seminary Survival Guide

I just ran across a new blog designed to help Seminary students make it called Seminary Survival Guide.

Pastor Mark explains

I got the idea for this lying in bed praying one morning. Our church has several seminary students, and seeing them take the first steps in following their call to ministry reminded me of when I was doing the same thing. I especially remembered how much I thought I knew…. and how little I actually knew about what was really important.

Now that I’ve been in ministry for a while, I have two things in my favor. First, I know a bit about the real life of ministry, having lived it for over ten years. I’ve seen colleagues burn out and drop out of ministry. Second, I’ve gotten to know some really godly and mature people who have more wisdom than I have, and I’ve gotten them to share theirs with me.

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  1. Mark Warnock says:

    Thanks for the link, Tony. Appreciate it very much. I’m hoping the guide will be helpful for students. If you have ideas, pitch them my way!

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