NEWSFLASH: Being Single in Seminary is DIFFICULT – Roundup for 11-23

From the “Only at Southern” file comes a topic that gets endless mileage on campus. That topic is the topic of singleness. Whole blogs have been written about the, well, strange single student situation at Southern. (now that was alliteration worthy of Adrian Rogers)

Aaron Hawk, a Southern student, has begun a series of bl0g posts about the singles situation at Southern. His post makes good reading, and I already anticipate his next one.

The Church. She’s the Bride of Christ whom He will present to himself flawless, dressed in white robes, but until that day, there is much work to be done within the church: Southern Seminary folk take their stab at some of the problems.

The-Day-After-Thanksgiving, and a perfect time to revisit our beloved Gender Bloggers:

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