Small Church Leadership Conference Links

Les Puryear is recovering from his groundbreaking effort with the Small Church Conference. Here are the links he’s posted that covered the event.

Great work Les! 

Small Church Leadership Conference Podcasts

Andy Atkins

Quinn Hooks Post 1
Quinn Hooks Post 2

Rick Boyne Post 1
Rick Boyne Post 2
Rick Boyne Post 3
Rick Boyne Post 4
Rick Boyne Post 5
Rick Boyne Post 6
Rick Boyne Post 7

Bob Garbett. Bob attended the conference and was inspired to start his own blog. Check it out.

Micah Fries: Session 1 – Les Puryear
Les Puryear Audio

Micah Fries: Session 2 – Dr. Brad Waggoner
Dr. Waggoner Audio

Micah Fries: Session 3 – Dr. Alvin Reid
Dr. Reid Audio

Micah Fries: Session 4 – Dr. Chris Schofield
Dr. Schofield Audio

Micah Fries: Session 5 – Kevin Bussey Don’t miss seeing extremely rare pictures of Kevin Bussey in a coat and tie. 🙂
Kevin Bussey Audio

Micah Fries: Session 6 – C. B. Scott
C. B. Scott Audio

Micah Fries: Session 7 – Chris Hauser
Chris Hauser Audio

Micah Fries: Session 8 – Dr. Greg Lawson
Dr. Lawson Audio

Micah Fries: Session 9 – Dick Church

Micah Fries: Session 10 – Dr. Frank Page and here.
Dr. Page Audio

Micah Fries: Session 11 – Micah Fries
Micah Fries Audio

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2 Responses to Small Church Leadership Conference Links

  1. Les Puryear says:


    Thanks for mentioning the conference. Sorry that you couldn’t be with us.


    Les Puryear’s last blog post..Small Church Leadership Conference Links

  2. This was a truly great conference. It was the best national conference I have been to in fifteen years. The folks at Lewisville Baptist Church were a prime example of southern hospitality.

    If you missed this one, you really need to listen to the audio files. God will bless your socks off.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..God in the Small Stuff

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