Speck In Willow Creek’s Eye = Log In Ours

With all the hype around Bill Hybel’s so-called repentance, we’ve missed something. Read Rick Mansfield’s timely caution:

Lot’s of folks are having some kind of “Aha!” moment with Hybels’ confession. But I would still venture to say that discipleship is seriously neglected (or poorly implemented) among churches of all stripes and variations. Program-driven ministry? The vast majority of evangelical churches engage in some kind of program- or event-driven ministry. At least Hybels/Willow Creek is willing ot admit there’s a problem.

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One Response to Speck In Willow Creek’s Eye = Log In Ours

  1. Kevin Hash says:

    I’m hoping that I can follow Hybel’s example of humility in re-evaluating what we do, in light of Scripture. I pray that any course correction would be guided by the revealed will of God.

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