Semester Retrospective: Spring 2008

A few final exams and this semester is history. How did it go? This post is an open forum to discuss everything related to your Spring 2008 semester at Southern Seminary.

  1. Professor: Who was your favorite professor this semester?
  2. Chapel: What was your favorite SBTS chapel message this semester?
  3. Buzz: What created the most buzz on campus this semester?
  4. Epiphany: What was your biggest ah-ha moment this semester?
  5. Classes: What was your most demanding & least demanding classes this semester?
  6. Books: What was your favorite book(s) you read this semester?
  7. In Sum: How would you characterize this semester for future students. Complete the sentence, “That was the semester that ____________.”
  8. Blogging: What student, alumni and faculty blogs did you read the most often this semester?

Anyone remember the Spring 2007 and Fall 2007 Semester retrospectives? They’re still back in the archives.

Copy And Paste This List For Your Comments

  1. Professor:
  2. Chapel:
  3. Buzz:
  4. Epiphany:
  5. Classes:
  6. Books:
  7. In Sum: “That was the semester that ____________.”
  8. Blogging:
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14 Responses to Semester Retrospective: Spring 2008

  1. Professor: Dr. Moore for his hard hitting theology. I have never heard the term Satanist thrown around so regularly and meaningfully.

    Chapel: I would have to say the chapel message from Dr. Ware on 14 February given all that was going on with the discovered complications of the birth of my son and Dr. Mohler’s announcement regarding his cancer. That is not to mention the tragedy at Union University.

    Buzz: The rise and fall of Dr. Mohler’s nomination to the presidency of the SBC is just about the only buzz I can think of right now.

    Epiphany: That God is still in control even though we take Him for granted because of modern science (referencing back to the birth of my third son and the complications that no one knew about while he was in the womb).

    Classes: Most demanding: Systematics 2. Least Demanding: Philosophy.

    Books: Here I Stand by Roland Bainton and the Bible (yes, I read the whole Bible this semester).

    In Sum: “That was the semester that I learned that God is good at sequels!” I teased with my wife about how would God top last semester with all that happened to us. Needless to say, I will not be joking like that again in the near future! 🙂

    Blogging: To be completely honest, my blog reading fell off a bit this semester. I can’t recall having to read a particular blog each day although I read quite a few regularly thanks to the quick view of them here at Said.

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    1. Professor: Dr. Fuller OT

    2. Chapel: Goldsworthy was the only one I made, but I’ve listened to the sermon by Dr. Lawless 3x

    3. Buzz: T4G

    4. Epiphany: I can graduate next December!

    5. Classes: Only took two and both were low maintenance

    6. Books: Philosophy of Christian Education by Knight

    7. In Sum: “That was the semester that Said at Southern was mentioned in chapel!”

    8. Blogging: I read them all . . . really 🙂

  3. Matt Privett says:

    1. Professor: Dr. Barry Joslin
    2. Chapel: I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make any in person but I listened to most of them. Dr. Moore’s sermon from Exodus early in the semester stuck out.
    3. Buzz: Mohler’s health and short-lived presidential bid
    4. Epiphany: I will most likely never have as many classes again as I had this semester. Praise the Lord!
    5. Classes: Greek would be most demanding; Church History II would be least demanding.
    6. Books: Lloyd-Jones’s “Preaching and Preachers” and Adams’s “Baptists the Only Thorough Religious Reformers”
    7. In Sum: “That was the semester that my daughter was born.”
    8. Blogging: Depended on the day. I didn’t read as many this semester.

    Matt Privett’s last blog post..Just wanting to help…

  4. Paul Cable says:

    1. Professor: Pennington/Wellum (T1)
    Chapel: Dr. Moore on Exodus/Dr. Wellum on Hebrews
    Buzz: Dr. Mohler’s surgery/recovery
    Epiphany: I’m going to be here a very long time!
    Classes: Contemporary Theology: most demanding; Personal Spiritual Disciplines least
    Books: “Seeing with New Eyes” and ”
    In Sum: “That was the semester that Together for the Gospel came to Louisville, and I didn’t go.”
    Blogging: Mostly just read the feed from Said.

    Paul Cable’s last blog post..Biblical Theology at Easter

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    From all the comments, it sounds like I need to download Moore’s sermon on Exodus.

    Another highlight was having Terry do the chapel blog here – great work.

    I almost forgot about Blog madness!!!

  6. Yeah, this semester was almost too busy for the buzz portion of this episode! Blog madness, births, T4G, surgeries, the talk of going professional, etc., etc. It is almost as if you have to keep a daily diary to keep up with it all! :O)

  7. Brother Hank says:

    1. Professor: You can’t make me pick just one! So I’ll give props to them all:

    • Dr. Nettles – Probably the most unexpected sense of humor of any professor I’ve had so far – nothing can compare to his Rocky impersonation of Martin Luther atop the Lateran steps in Rome screaming, “Justification by Faith! Justification by Faith!”
    • Dr. Betts – His love for the OT is genuinely contagious, and his heart for faithfulness in the pulpit is both convicting and encouraging.
    • Dr. Moore – Terry is right about how Moore continually connects sin with “Satanism”, which tracks right back to what sin originally sprung from in the Garden – its a challenge to us to see sin for what it is – as well as doctrine. Bad doctrine is not just unhelpful and unbiblical – indeed, it is Satanic.
    • Dr. Whitney – I called him a ‘theological stud’ at the beginning of the semester, and I was not disappointed – every class with him was like being given a map to a buried treasure, and the same for ready his book.

    2. Chapel: To be frank, I heard some of the best and worst preaching I’ve heard since I’ve been in Louisville. Dr. Orrick’s message has probably stuck with me the most. Michael Card leading worship was AMAZING. And the Wesley Hymn Sing was unforgettable.

    3. Buzz: Early on the Republican primaries (GO RON PAUL!), and closing up with T4G.

    4. Epiphany: Christ is ALL OVER Leviticus and Numbers!

    5. Classes: Most demanding – Church History II. Least demanding – Intro to OT.

    6. Books: The Anabaptist Story! Read it, and take note of your theological lineage! I blogged about it here.

    7. In Sum: “That was the semester that I fell in love with the OT again, and learned to pray through Scripture.”

    8. Blogging: I caught nearly every post by Dr. Moore’s “The Henry Institute” and was a “Said at Southern” fiend. I issued a challenge to my seminary brethren, and it hit with a silent thud…

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Ron Paul Coming to Louisville

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    RE #7
    Does anyone want to define a “Said at Southern” fiend?

  9. I ain’t touching that with your keyboard Tony!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Oh So Close

  10. Brother Hank says:

    Tony – thanks for making that more “readable”…lol. I could have done it, but I wanted to give you something to do…. 🙂

    You know you’re a SAS fiend if…

    Where’s Jeff Foxworthy when we really need him?

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Ever Feel “Lost at Sea”?

  11. Brother Hank says:

    By the way Terry, I’ve caved into the temptations to wanting a fountain pen…where can I get one?!

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Lift Your Glad Voices

  12. Welcome to the cult, brother! I know you can get one at Dillards for a decent price. You can also check out Office Depot or Office Max. The best place is to look around back home for a pen store (yes, they actually have stores dedicated to pens of all kinds). Just google your area and pen store and see what comes up.

  13. Ken Schmidt says:

    Professor: Dr. Nettles
    Chapel: Dr. Orrick and Dr. Wellum
    Buzz: Goldsworthy is coming!
    Epiphany: Just today, I realized that I have one more semester left until I go into the real world.
    Classes: Most Demanding: Greek; Least Demanding: Preaching Practicum
    Books: What was your favorite book(s) you read this semester? Calvin’s Institutes & Christianity & Liberalism
    In Sum: “That was the semester that I was able to see more and more the sufficiency of Scripture in all things.”
    Blogging: Moore to the Point…just started reading Said at Southern

    Ken Schmidt’s last blog post..Finished! (For a little while)

  14. Todd Benkert says:

    Professor: Bryan Galloway – while I didn’t have any classes (I was ABD), Dr. Galloway served as friend and cheerleader as I was writing this semester.

    Chapel: Hands down, Dr. Russell Moore on Exodus 32:1-35 – “you get your mummy for nothing and your sphinx for free.”

    Buzz: Dr. Mohler’s bid for the presidency and attacks on him from the blogosphere.

    Epiphany: I really AM going to finish my dissertation.

    Classes: Didn’t have any, I spent all my time on the third floor of the library.

    Books: Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers; and the Seminary Style Guide

    In Sum: That was the semester I finished my dissertation.

    Blogging: Said at Southern, of course 🙂

    Todd Benkert’s last blog post..Thoughts on the analysis of Paige Patterson on the ACP

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