Stetzer Said What?! Blog Roundup for 10-12 2007

The official Ten-Code list for police communication lists 10-12 as “stand by (stop)”. I don’t know how to relate that to anything, but I figured it might help you win a trivia game someday.

Keep reading for all the best of the SBTS blogosphere from this week.

First up, who says that it’s business as usual for the North American Mission Board. Ed Stetzer (former NAMB staffer) says the new NAMB president “does not do things right.” You can be blessed by the whole story at this post on Ed Stetzer’s blog.

With all the attention paid last week to Timmy’s SBC posting, it is only fair that I provide you with a feast of different voices this week. First off, we have folks Blogging the Ordinances.

With the activities of recent weeks, the Roundup Redactor has gotten behind on his chapelblog linking. You’ll notice some of these links are not quite fresh, but like that leftover tuna casserole in the fridge, they’re still good. I’m sure that half-gallon of milk is still just fine. It’s in a light-block bottle, after all!

Other good blogging the Redactor was unable to categorize easily:

Good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm:
Owen has been his usual cerebral self. He posted on post-partum plastic surgery and what it tells us about our society, a song he really, really, really thought was neat-o, and a two-part series on the use of Halo 3 in Youth Group (Part 1, Part 2)

Brother Brister supplied us with a helpful recap of his blogging from last week, and has continued fleshing out his ideas on how the SBC can become more missional (Part 1, Part 2) He then put his money where his mouth is by starting a series on “Elemental” evangelism (Part 1, Part 2), and to round out a busy blogweek, he single-handedly solved the problem of cultural engagement, promoted what has every promise of being the most significant SBC related conference of our times, and then he asked Mark Driscoll a question.
His continuing Fig John Newton devotional series:


The Kummeropolis has been pouring his heart instant coffee into S@S and just hasn’t posted much of note lately. I’m sure he’ll be starting a few more blogs before too long. Too bad my feed reader won’t pick up on it when he starts a new one.

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  1. Tony,

    Thanks for the linkage. Just in case some people are a bit too lazy to catch the whole series, I’ll provide links right here:

    The Discipline of Hospitality
    The Pit-Stop

    Enjoy and please interact. We could all use some dialogue on this topic.

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