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Mp3: Dr. Alvin Plantinga at Southern Seminary

After mixing it up in our forum on the Ben Stein’s Expelled movie, I decided to go back and listen to Dr. Alvin Plantinga 2007 Norton Lectures at Southern Seminary. It was interesting that some of the debate went exaclty … Continue reading

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On Being Committed

Dr. Kevin Ezell of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky preached from Acts 20:18-38 today in chapel. Dr. Ezell preached a very entertaining yet passionate sermon. There was no doubt in my mind that he has not only struggled with … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Listening

Chapel began with pre-service music by the Seoul Theological University Choir from South Korea. The director of the choir is Hyo Dong Sohn who is a former student here at Southern Seminary. Jon Eliff, Senior Pastor of Highland Park Baptist … Continue reading

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Embracing Torment and Life’s Other Troubles: Lessons From the Life of Job

Chapel began today with a video tribute to Union University and the devastation wrought by the tornados last week here and the recovery efforts here. The video was done by a student at the university and was set to the … Continue reading

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Revisting “Dumb Things Christians Do”

Since the seminary was closed today due to the weather, we did not have a chapel service. However, on a local religious channel here in Louisville (channel 19) they simulcast the chapel service at 10 am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s … Continue reading

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The Discipline of Deprivation

Dr. York preached in chapel from Exodus 16 this past Thursday 2/7/08. The first half of his message dealt with how rebellion begins whether it takes place in the church or the home or anywhere. First, the revolt begins in … Continue reading

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16 Reasons Dr. R Albert Mohler Jr. Would Make A Great SBC President

Disclaimer: Said at Southern is an unofficial network of bloggers associated with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As such, the Seminary administration is not involved in this blog. The view expressed in this post, like all others, is the opinion … Continue reading

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