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Interview with Dr. Sills, Part II

This is part two of our interview with Dr. Sills about his book The Missionary Call. Read Part I here. 8. In your experience, what would you say are the pros and the cons of short term missions work? Short-term … Continue reading


Interview with Dr. Sills, Part I

While working on the book review for Dr. Sills’ new book, The Missionary Call, I was blessed to be able to interview Dr. Sills. We had to do this interview via email since he was on the mission field in … Continue reading


Book Review: The Missionary Call by M. David Sills

Sills, M. David. The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God’s Plan For the World. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2008. 246 pp. $13.99. Introduction and Background Dr. Sills is the A. P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural … Continue reading