The 40/40 Prayer Vigil

Here’s an update about Resolution 5 “On Political Engagement” from this year’s SBC annual meeting in Indy.

The last “Resolved” is an urge to Southern Baptists to participate in what is called the 40/40 Prayer Vigil sponsored by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and the North American Mission Board (NAMB).  They will, Lord willing, be doing the Prayer Vigil from September 24 through November 2, 2008.  They have developed a website here where you can get updates and sign up to participate, and a Prayer Guide that you can download.

They will also be hosting a blog, found here, that they will be posting quotes from Baptist forefathers that emphasize different points within the prayer guide until the Vigil starts in September.  You can also leave comments on the blog as it goes along.

HT: Noah Braymen

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