The Bible Experience – Reviewed

Rick Mansfield, a Ph.D student at Southern, has written some reviews of The Bible Experience. The one drawback, for most SBTS people other than Rick, is that this audio version is based on the TNIV.  I think it’s worth a listen.

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3 Responses to The Bible Experience – Reviewed

  1. David Wright says:

    C’mon, was the shot at the TNIV necessary? (I say this as an ESV reader).

    David Wright’s last blog post..In the grave

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    It was more an inside joke with Rick. But he may be the only person I know at Southern who likes the TNIV.

    I personally don’t mind that much for an audio adaptation. I already listen to NIV and ESV, so having something different is actually a plus.

  3. David Wright says:

    Thanks for follow-up. Sorry I was over sensitive. Just concerned that deprecating other’s translation choices can cause unnecessary friction.

    David Wright’s last blog post..In the grave

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