The Discipline of Deprivation

Dr. York preached in chapel from Exodus 16 this past Thursday 2/7/08. The first half of his message dealt with how rebellion begins whether it takes place in the church or the home or anywhere. First, the revolt begins in a subtle fashion. One person starts to build a consensus of complaint. Second, that person starts to rally the rest of the consensus to build a bastion of blame. The common complaint by the people at this stage is that whatever is happening at the time is “not our fault.” Finally, they begin to waste their time on the whims and wishes of the past.

Sermon On Complaining: Exodus 16

The main body of Dr. York’s message was used to show us the 3 steps to learning the discipline of deprivation. First, we are to prepare for God’s provision. Second, we must always seek to put our current situation in perspective. The final point Dr. York made was the necessity of submitting to satisfaction. You can never pursue satisfaction for the sake of satisfaction.

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You can download and listen to this message here and read more of my thoughts here.

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