The Groaning Christian

Dr. Jim Orrick, famous for his rap, preached from Romans 8:23-25 in chapel today. My 3 1/2 year old son says he looks like John the Baptist. Anyway, the message can be heard here. If you did not attend, or were unable to attend, you need to listen to this message.

Sermon: Romans 8:23-25

Focusing primarily on the groanings of the Christian, Dr. Orrick explained in great detail the Christian’s groaning. First, while it is not said explicitly that it is the Christian groaning, it does say that it is those “who have the firstfruits of the Spirit.” He then showed from 8:2-17 how these first fruits affect us in this present age. Second, the content of our groanings is our longing for our bodies to be redeemed. Finally, we groan in an inward manner that is both profound and private.

I usually offer commentary on how each sermon has challenged me or should challenge us. However, this sermon stands alone as one that needs no commentary. Let me encourage you to listen to this message for your self. If you would like, you can read my more detailed blog here. God bless.

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