The Infamous Timmy Brister

brister-index.jpg I’ve been tracking the reviews of Young, Restless, Reformed… by Collin Hansen. One interesting discovery is how close all this talk is to Southern Seminary.

More on that later, but for now look closely at this clip from the book’s index.

That’s right. Our third favorite Southern Seminary blogger gets four pages in the new book to share his own restless story. I look forward to reading more.

Some Reviews of Young, Restless, Reformed

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4 Responses to The Infamous Timmy Brister

  1. Adam Winters says:

    You should also probably note Brad Cochran’s testimony in that chapter as well. I know he has a blog, but the name esacpes me.

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    Good point. Three SAS network bloggers were mentioned (I just finished the chapter) Matt Hall and Brandon Cochran.

    I might write a review of that chapter tomorrow.

  3. Adam Winters says:

    True, I forgot about Matt!

  4. I think that Scott Lamb’s review is important. Everyone should click on it and read it. He does a good job of putting this “movement” into proper evangelical perspective. Being at “ground zero” tends to distort my view a bit and his review is a helpful reminder of the scope of evangelicalism (in the most broad sense).
    Thanks for the Links.

    Worship Leader Ron’s last blog post..Commission Stories: The Art of Braving Bullets

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