The Said at Southern Sell Out?

After nearly a year, I’m finally bringing on advertisers for Said at Southern. You can find out more on the new sponsors information page. I’m planning to keep it minimal, but I do hope to sell out the available spots. I feel like the prices are about half of what I could make with AdSense. Of course, I get to control the content by selling ads directly.

Here is why I’m selling ads:

  • So I don’t feel so bad blogging! Seriously, I’ve been making a little money on my children’s ministry blog and it has been a great encouragement for my wife – not to mention paying all the web hosting and ISP costs in my life.
  • I could do some really cool things with some of the income:
    • pay a small amount to our loyal writers (like Terry)
    • put up money for a scholarship essay contest at SBTS
    • advertise Said at Southern in the Towers Newspaper on campus

What do you think?

I know most of you guys don’t care and mostly read the feed, but I am still a little nervous about the move. Feel free to chastise me or congratulate me in the comments.

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10 Responses to The Said at Southern Sell Out?

  1. Scott says:

    Wow. Ya’ll have done such a wonderful job here VOLUNTARILY providing a place to aggregate blogs associated with SBTS.

    You have some really good ideas to bolster your reasoning for wanting to go this route. At least you’re not using google ads.

    Gone are the days of the innocent.

    Scott’s last blog post..Church Constitution from 1869

  2. Brother, pay the bills. I know it was a hard decision for you to make, but sometimes we got to listen to our wife’s. This blogging adventure is not going to be hurt be it. In fact, it will give us opportunities to see things we may want. Keep up the great work.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..Now I know I am a Redneck

  3. Danny says:

    Go for it man! I have an Amazon store on mine and it has earned me a big fat $0! Hopefully yours pans out a little better than that!

    Danny’s last blog post..The End of the Beginning? (Stetzer)

  4. Dude get your bank on.

    (Or, if you want to take a verse out of context — “Don’t muzzle the ox…”)

    Danny Slavich’s last blog post..Tim Lincecum is a stud.

  5. Thanks for the personal mention, Tony. I wonder, though, is Danny S. calling you an ox?

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Class Outside

  6. For all the time that must go into what you do Tony, you should have a fat bank roll. Seriously. Most people get paid sick skrilla to do what you do. Thanks for doing it for so long for free. It’s about time you stack some green and funnel some funds.

    Bradley Cochran’s last blog post..T4G 08: Positive Afterthoughts

  7. Tony Kummer says:

    Guys – Thanks for all the encouragement. I’ve always done Said at Southern as a hobby. It’s been my way to “hang out” with other students even though I am an hour away from campus during most of the week.

    I hope to avoid AdSense, unless I can figure out how to target it to the point where we screen out stupid stuff. Most of the content here would bring up weird ads from them. Selling directly to people should give me the most control on what our sponsors are promoting.

  8. Some folks would consider being called an “ox” a compliment though.

    Danny Slavich’s last blog post..Tim Lincecum is a stud.

  9. Brother Hank says:

    I think you should pay Terry per word. That way he’s not tempted to go the “22 Word” route that is so cutting edge today…lol. Make Tim Challies and other long posters proud!

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..“Prayer Is A Wonderful Gift From God…”

  10. What are you trying to say Hank? 😉

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..An Outsider’s View of Southern Seminary

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