The Social Implications of Calvinism

Too often we are afraid of the social implications of the Gospel. I was glad to read a new article titled “A Reformed Theology For Mercy Ministry” by Phil Ryken. Here is his conclusion, be sure to read the whole essay.

It is not simply this part or that part of our theology that compels us to show mercy; it is everything in the whole Reformed system of doctrine. To reiterate: it is not just part of our theology that calls us to mercy ministry; it is everything in our entire theology. We must never forget that every doctrine that is taught in every part of Scripture from creation to the final judgment compels us to show the mercy of God to lost sinners, in the gospel of His Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this article by Dr. Ryken. I am really encouraged to find other Reformed brothers (such as Tim Keller) stress the practical implications of the gospel. May there be a revival of “pure and undefiled religion” in our day!

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