The Truth About Environmentalism & Evangelism Exposed

Timmy Brister has exposed the dangers of the new SBC Environmentalist movement on his with this –  Press Release: Climate Change Divides Convention, Kills Evangelism

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  1. World Changers has in the past gone to great lengths to improve the living conditions of many through home repairs. Our motto, put the Gospel on the back burner, do good, and if necessary preach the Gospel. It has been… how can it be said… succesful… um… fun…

    World Changers has graciously been given this opportunity by nature’s God to live up to its name. Now is the time for change and we can change the world. Our new home recyclining program will encourage home pooling. We will encourage families and elderly on limited incomes to move in with friends and family, into shelters, the SBC Convention Headquarters until we can teach them the joys of living outdoors. Our Green Filter program will help them discard all world hating products as they move. Nearly everything we use depends upon fossil fuels in some form or fashion, but it is for envirofreedom that Christ has set us free. World Changers will not put the Gospel on the back burner anymore. No! There will be no burners. Down with burners of any kind. In the future the New Cleandom Natural Growth program will empower couples to outreach the old multi-child family paradigm and encourage population control. There will be no Gospel. What need will there be, when hell is finally banned along with the greenhouse gas emissions of the promise of fire and brimestone. Cooled brimstone will be used to build stone houses, without mortar to save the wetlands. We will honor the old growth forest and not remove the ancient landscapes!

    Thanks to our partnership with Lifeway, our combined efforts have produced an evolved organism, ChangedLifeGreenWayWorld.

    Become a supporter. Shut down your computer, blogs will hurt our efforst, anyway. Walk to our office in Nashville and receive our new nature parchment outdoor scavaging guide. Also, available in chew it yourself vellum.

    Thomas Twitchell’s last blog post..After The Handbasket

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