Basil Manly, Jr. “Philosophy of Theological Education”

“Every school and department of the seminary is mainly valuable as it promotes the elucidation of the Word of God, and the practical application of its teachings. Nor do we fear being charged with bibliolatry in giving the Bible the central, dominant place in our system and in our affections.”

“From the doubt of denial of God’s book, the road is short to doubt or denial of God;—and after that comes the abyss, where all knowledge is not only lost but scoffed at, except that which the brute might enjoy as well.”

Basil Manly, Jr., “Why and How to Study the Bible,” Manly Pamphlets, September 1, 1879, 1-5. Quoted in: Timothy George and Denise George, eds., Basil Manly, Jr., The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration, Baptist Classic Series (Nashville: Broadman and Holman Publishing, 1995), 10. 14.

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