Together For The Gospel (T4G): Are You Going?

Billy GrahamI’ve been looking forward to next week since the first T4G in 2006. I wasn’t able to attend then, but this year is a go! Leave a comment below if you’ll be there.

I’m also looking forward to the fellowship time with the Band of Bloggers. Timmy has been preparing for several months. From what we can tell, this will be the largest Christian blogger meeting yet.

If you see me at T4G, please come up and introduce yourself. I’m the short one in the photo.

Can anyone guess (or remember) where I was at? (You can click through to flickr to see the answer.)

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16 Responses to Together For The Gospel (T4G): Are You Going?

  1. Paul Fuller says:

    I’m there!

    Paul Fuller’s last blog post..In the Hands of an Angry God

  2. Brother Hank says:

    I’ll be the one with a Bible in my hand!

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Eating and Reading the Bible

  3. Brother Hank says:



    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Eating and Reading the Bible

  4. Hi Tony, I’ll be there, Lord willing. Looking forward to meeting you at Band of Bloggers.

    Stephen Jones’s last blog post..A review of the holman bible

  5. Adam Winters says:

    I’m guessing that’s the Billy Graham tribute statue outside the LifeWay building in Nashville that was erected, I think, when the most recent SBC convention was held there.

    The infamous Fred Phelps and his protesters were none too happy with that one! 😐

  6. Terry Lange says:

    I wish I was going to be there, but I was in town last week for Don Whitney’s conference…. Maybe next year!

    Terry Lange’s last blog post..Sunday was a long day

  7. How could we let Piper, Sproul, and C.J. Mahizzle play in our back yizzle and not be a part of the fizzle? (i.e. I’m there too).

    Real Question: How does a brothah get in on that Band of Bloggers meeting? I think I tried to figure that out once, but don’t remember what happened (I ended up confused). Is there a schedule or something? How do I find it? Do you have to be registered? Please: Gimme 100% idiot proof.

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    Adam – Yes it’s Lifeway Campus, it was my only trip there and I had to play the tourist.

    Bradley – check out the Band of Bloggers website There may be room to come and listen, but the even has been sold out (no more lunches or free books)

  9. Kris Estep says:

    I’ll be there. Look foward to meeting you

  10. Matt Emerson says:

    I’m there, I was there in 2006 and it was incredible! I’ve been looking forward to this one since then, too!

  11. I will definitely be there. I went to BoB in 2006 but not T4G and instantly lapsed into a mini-depression when Timmy took that pic of the sign language interpreter. It will take God’s providence to keep me away this time!

    I’ll be bringing a small suitcase for the free books. >:-D

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..Young, Restless, and Reformed: Scott Lamb Style

  12. I’m driving down tomorrow with a group of 20+ students from my school. Only myself and maybe another guy will be at the BoB, but I’m definitely pumped! I’ll try to meet you when I get there.

    Andrew Randazzo’s last blog post..Grasshoppers and Bibles

  13. Todd Young says:

    Tony, I’m planning to be there, but I won’t be able to make the Band of Bloggers conference… I’ll be attending the volunteer training. Hope to see you there…

    Todd Young’s last blog post..Together for the Gospel *2006*

  14. Ron Kinzel says:

    I’ll be there. I also brought somebody…will there be an envelope where I can check that I brought someone with me?

    Ron Kinzel’s last blog post..Commission Stories: The Art of Braving Bullets

  15. Adam Winters says:

    Hey, guys, let me just say I really enjoy having the “Students Said” on the top of the home page. It really is great to log on to the page and immediately see the latest postings among Southern students! Very good idea.

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