Urgent: Can you send me your class notes so I can study?

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TO: All my classmates
RE: Midterms
Hey class. I know that we have a midterm coming up and I wanted to see if anyone would send me the notes so I can study. Thanks.

Does this look familiar? Now that midterms are around us, some of you have probably received this email or one like it from the ecampus distribution list. Someone in your class doesn’t have the notes, and so he/she sends out the above email looking for someone to show them some love. But the question is, do you send him/her the notes . . . or do you delete the email?

I am interested to know your thoughts. Personally, I delete the emails unless I know that there is a good reason as to why you don’t have the notes. Some examples of good reasons would be: “I missed class because (fill in family member) was sick, and I had to stay home”, “I was out sharing the gospel”, “I was visiting a prospective church”, etc.

I might even send someone my notes if they were just honest enough to say that they just missed class on this one day. But I don’t really have much (if any) mercy for those who ask for ALL the notes. Were you not in class? Did you not take notes? Did you not read the syllabus and therefore not know there was a midterm? I don’t understand how someone could ask for all the notes! Maybe these are some of the same people who will buy other people’s sermons to preach every Sunday.

So, what do you do with these emails? Have you ever mass emailed the class to ask for notes? If so, why?

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29 Responses to Urgent: Can you send me your class notes so I can study?

  1. Sadly, I can never tell which class the person asking for the notes is in. At the very least people tell what class you are needing the notes for!

    On a more serious note, I usually do send out the notes for a particular class session or week but rarely will I just give my notes to someone for the whole semester unless I know there is a good reason like my dog ate mine or something.

  2. Tim Reineke says:

    Here at Iowa State University, I don’t often get those requests…most people (sadly) take notes paper-and-pencil, so I can’t make the request either.

    However, in the occasional class where everyone takes electronic notes I’ve found it to be quite useful for everyone to do a “note swap” – you never know what useful information you may have missed – or you may find a new perspective on a point you thought you understood. Also, different people’s interpretations of what is “test-worthy” can be quite handy when studying.

    Tim Reineke’s last blog post..McCain’s Running Mate

  3. Generally, I wouldn’t send someone ALL of my notes. I have sent them when someone asks for a class or two’s worth.

    I have mass emailed to ask for notes when I’ve missed a class – and am about to, as I’m battling a bad case of flu. 🙁

    Julie Halitzka’s last blog post..Christmas in February

  4. I tended to ask for notes quite frequently. Caveat: I am deaf and needed to fill in the gaps where I missed stuff. 😛

    As such, I had no good reason to delete any such e-mails or to deny use of said notes. Interestingly, I almost never checked campus e-mail! 😀

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..How To Behave In Church

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Maybe if I took notes I would graduate faster?

    Light bulb

  6. Light bulb fizzled…too much work!

  7. Doug Smith says:

    I got one of these the other day from a fellow Internet student who cited the language barrier and has to rewind, etc. However, the timing is interesting being right before midterm. I’m not sure how much my notes would help those since all they are at this point are brief annotations to the class outlines the professor distributed. I don’t really have the time to go back and create anything approximating a transcript. I wonder if the student should speak to someone else; I feel for them, but don’t know how I can be of much help right now.

    Doug Smith’s last blog post..John 17 – sermon audio

  8. Matt Privett says:

    I generally ignore any email requests for notes unless I am personally emailed, and am not just getting the emailed because everyone in the class was asked. I want to know the person and why they need the notes because I aid and abet a slacker :-). Usually, however, I can’t tell which class the notes are being requested for so it’s a moot point.

    Matt Privett’s last blog post..Israeli professor finally explains the supernatural

  9. If it is a request for the whole thing I always ignored it with one exception, I knew the man and he was willing to trade notes. I am big on “do your own work and earn your own grade.” You can feel the love can’t you?

    Matthew Henry’s last blog post..What Tickles My Fancy

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    Maybe I could get Terry Delany to live blog all his classes and then I would just use his notes.

  11. Toney Sauls says:

    during the last j-term session, during a particulalry long and boring stretch of lecture, some (actually a lot) of students bailed and left for the day (about 4 hours shy of dismissal).
    turns out that the professor gave (GAVE!) some extremely relevant and helpful resources and websites for the paper that was due and worth half the grade.
    the next day and following, my email box was flooded with people desperately looking for this information.
    i have no guilt in confessing that i deleted every single one of them and had to fight hard to not write them and chastise them for skipping out.
    there is a time and place for asking for notes and everyone knows what those are -this was not the case.
    i hate to be cruel here, but i was just as bored as the next guy, but i exercised restraint and responsibility and stayed.

    hey Will -had fun at broom hockey! how is Beth? her fall was nasty.

  12. becky says:

    I got those quite often when I was in college. I would delete them unless it was a friend or at least an aquaintance in the class. Most often, the people who needed the notes were just lazy bums who didn’t want to go and take them on their own. I have no pity for them.

    If they really had a problem, i.e. family death, illness, then they should’ve gotten the notes right when they got back, not wait till it’s exam time.

  13. Tony–Dream on! Although, the guy I do take notes for (we have had an agreement since last semester) does say I take good notes.

    Matthew Henry–I have been looking for you! I wanted to let you know that I have become a full member of the fountain pen cult.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Encouragement from a Certificate

  14. Brother Hank says:

    Terry can you send me all your notes for your life?

    …Oh wait, you already do that! lol.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Psalm 40 at the Abortion Clinic: God is Bigger than our Ministries

  15. Brother Hank says:

    Yeah, and (unless I missed it) has anyone mentioned the cutting edge technology of making “a” friend in class? I know, one friend seems like an impossibility, but believe me – if you miss class it helps to know at least one soul out of 25-100 in your class room.

    What I’m waiting for though, is for some astute (sickly) person to send out a mass-message asking for a study guide for the midterm…

    Would it be wrong to send them one with a Bible-code-like message encrypted in-text telling them that their grade will be an F? 🙂

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Psalm 40 at the Abortion Clinic: God is Bigger than our Ministries

  16. wow. No mercy at the seminary, eh? Most assume nefarious motives? Maybe I’m too trusting… I’ve never missed unless it would be something that would count as “excused,” I generally give others that benefit of the doubt.

    Julie Halitzka’s last blog post..Christmas in February

  17. Come to think of it, I remember from my first year that one guy in a class made a study guide for both the midterm and final. He passed it out to several of his friends in the class, but when I asked if I could have a copy, he wouldn’t part with it. That really turned me off and subsequent classes with this guy I wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

    In future classes, however, a bunch of us usually got together and put together a study guide that was shared with the entire class. And it usually had the prof’s blessing, too, since we were not only studying together but thinking through the material together as well.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..God’s Grace, UPS Style

  18. Terry Delaney–I am glad that I corrupted you toward the fountain pens. I am suspecting that Don Whitney is going through withdrawals since he can’t come up to my church this year for the Chicago Pen Show. I am tempted to go and then rave on and on and on about it via email.

  19. Matthew Henry–Tell you what, you rave on and on and I will badger him about whether or not he is going. Actually, I want to check out one of these fountain pen shows. Does that make me worse than a Trekkie?

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..My Sense of Humor

  20. Toney Sauls says:

    i missed the previous posts because i was caught up in the 3rd heaven… or maybe i was just sleeping -hard to tell.
    could one of you send me your blog notes so i can continue to sound witty and intelligent on the interweb!

  21. Terry Delaney–To be honest, the first time I went with Don I was not thrilled to be going. I was just being a good host! It was rather fascinating to see this sub-culture at work, such a wide variety of people! Some of them are quite the character and most are flat out nice and helpful. I still can’t see the difference between many of the pens, but what is fun is to ask the dealer to explain the difference. Just be seated ’cause they will talk on and on.

    If you come up to Chicago for the show sometime just let me know. Usually Don is up here teaching at my church that weekend. I will be happy to put you up at my house and you can go with us to the show. I am serious, btw.

  22. Mike Gross says:

    I would probably send notes for a particular class session but probably not huge chunks of the semester, unless of course I knew the person had a good reason not to have their own (sickness, family emergency, etc).

    Also, I usually assume that any request comes from someone with a legitimate reason for missing, instead of just being a bum, as long as it isn’t an every-week event.

    Personally, I requested notes for a single class session when I was sick once (although I didn’t wait for exam time), but would not think of asking for much more. Only then it was a class where I did not know anyone well enough to email them personally.

    To sum up, I don’t automatically dismiss a request or think the person has been lazy. I do, however, try to exercise some amount of discernment.

    Mike Gross’s last blog post..A little Perspective (funny but true)

  23. Todd Young says:

    From the evening class, take-classes-when-I-can-get-them perspective, most people I attend class with seem to be responsible and attentive. Sometimes, when I get a personal request for a single class, I will give the entire semester’s worth of notes. But I cannot think of a single time when anyone asked the whole class for all the notes.

    Do you think this is because most of the “students” who might make such a request aren’t paying for school by the sweat of their brow?

    Todd Young’s last blog post..“He meant to pass by them…”

  24. Todd Young says:

    Oh, and by the way, Terry, you are such a geek. 🙂

    Todd Young’s last blog post..“He meant to pass by them…”

  25. Adam Winters says:

    When I’m struggling in a class, I find it a great help to have another student’s set of notes to compare with. They can usually find something I missed or vice versa. I say take it as a compliment when someone asks for your notes in particular.

  26. Tony Kummer says:

    I like what Julie said about showing mercy. It seems like helping people learn, even who don’t deserve it, would be something future ministers should value.

  27. Todd- Jealousy will get you know where my brother! If you want, I will let you touch one of the sacred pens on Sunday as encouragement before your sermon. 🙂

  28. Joseph Gould says:

    27 comments! Crazy.

    Joseph Gould’s last blog post..Our Mission

  29. Tony Kummer says:

    Will – great job on the post!

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