Video: Ed Young On Church Planting Pirate Style

I’m not really familiar with Ed Young and his ministry, but I skim his blog for SBC Voices. This video caught my attention and was worth watching. If you’re into church planting it might interest you too. He’s talking about guys who leave one church to plant another one in the same town.

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2 Responses to Video: Ed Young On Church Planting Pirate Style

  1. Ryan says:

    That was kind of sad… The last 10 seconds helped inform the whole thing. He’s obviously been burned by a former staff member who planted a church and leveraged his influence to “take” people with him. I guess my only comment is to flip the coin over and look at the other side. The fact is that most church planters will come from established churches and it is very likely that these church planters may be called to the same general geographic area. If that is the case, sure, people from the established church are likely to want to go with them to plant. I guess the difference is whether there is intentionality in the planting process in connection with the first church. However, if someone is underhandedly and intentionally leveraging a church in order to purposely take people from that church… well, that’s just crazy… I’d say, in that case, that something failed miserably in the relational side of the ministry relationship, because, how could you miss someone with that deceptive of a heart? I mean, sure it can happen… but, if it is a common as Ed makes it sound, then I’d say that churches really need to evaluate how they hire staff and maintain honest and open relationships with them… I can’t imagine someone being that intentionally deceptive and working in the church… but, like I said, his last 10 seconds inform everything that he said. He’s been there.

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  2. Drew Cole says:

    I was saddened to see this blog attached to a former pastor of mines blog. It was directly aimed at a START UP church in our community and its advertisement of opening. The new church is not aimed at the SBC FBC community. One of it is main goals is to reach the people that community has burned and have quit going. But its main goal is to reach the lost in the most down to earth, unassuming, straightforward, rubber meets the road way possible, worshiping and learning about God without “churchiness” if that is a word. People arent tired of God, they are tired of the church getting in the way of their relationship with God.
    The “church” has become more of a business, as elluded to by Ed Young himself (nice cufflinks, wonder $$?). Pastors today live very well at large churches. If people are getting fed and are happy, who are you to remark on them starting a new congregation? And if you as the big church were meeting their needs, why are they leaving? Just a thought ED.

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