Video – How To Use Google Reader

RSS may be my favorite feature of blogs. (click here to read an explanation of RSS) In a few simple steps you can capture your favorite websites and have any new content delivered to your computer.

The most powerful tool for capturing and reading RSS is Google Reader. Watch this 5 minute tutorial I produced to help my pastor learn Google Reader. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you found this helpful, feel free to post it on your website.

Posted By Tony Kummer

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5 Responses to Video – How To Use Google Reader

  1. Well that is very nice but I think I’ll stick to Feed Reader ( its just as easy and I don’t need a Google account to get this free software.

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    But Google reader works on any web browser:

    • @ home
    • @ work
    • @ school
    • @ on my laptop
    • @ my mother-in-laws house
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  4. Ann Addison says:

    I have used Google Reader for a while and love it. I posted your tutorial on my blog… good job! I would love for you to do one on “how to set 7 tabs as your home page on IE7”. IE7 has a tutorial, but people are more inclined to click on an embedded video and I don’t think the IE 7 tutorial covers the advantages of tabbed browsing and multiple home pages. Please email me if you do this. Thanks!

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