Video – NT Wright On The Colbert Report

I’ve been working through the new book by NT Wright this summer. I’m still surprised at how much attention he’s getting from the orthodox doctrine of the resurrection. All the same, going on Colbert made for a weird scene.

The Bishop and The Scoffer

Ht: Steve McCoy

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3 Responses to Video – NT Wright On The Colbert Report

  1. John Inman says:

    His publicist must know some people. ABC news, the Colbert Report, Trevin Wax. I mean what’s next Celebrity Bishop Mole.

  2. Sam says:

    I’m not sure the missional bit is so orthodox? Colbert sounded more orthodox to me…

  3. This holds great portent for things to come…I really want to see Dr Mohler go on Countdown with Keith Ohlberman.

    Rob Faircloths last blog post..APPROVING THE EXCELLENT

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