Video: Tim Keller at The UC Berkeley

I think this one has been linked around some, but I just got around to watching it at lunch today. Again, I am amazed at God’s gifting on Keller as a teacher and apologist. Make time to watch this one.

“Belief in an Age of Skepticism?”
March 4, 2008, at The University of California, Berkeley

Noted pastor and author Dr. Tim Keller discusses the place of exclusive truth in a pluralistic society in Wheeler Auditorium, followed by a Q&A session.

Hosted by Reformed University Fellowship, Dr. Keller’s talk is part of The Veritas Forum at Cal, following Francis Collins’ lecture in February on Christianity and science.

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  1. Watch this one. It is worth every second of your time.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..Preaching and Authority

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