Video Tutorial – How To Set Multiple Homepages Using Tabs

Save time. You can set up multiple homepages in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I discovered this shortcut when I installed the beta version of Firefox. Now it is a standard on Internet Explorer too. The set-up is very simple, just watch the video below. Then let me know if this was helpful by leaving a comment (or linking from your blog).

You can also watch a short video on using Google Reader here.

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6 Responses to Video Tutorial – How To Set Multiple Homepages Using Tabs

  1. Great tip and video description. This is sure to help me become more adept at spending more time than I should reading blogs and news articles. Thanks.

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  3. Trevin Wax says:

    Awesome! That is going to save me lots of time. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi guys,
    (I tried sending this thru the contact form on the About page but not sure if it went through)

    I was just wondering if its possible to have a link at the top, horizontal menu to Well Said (

    Maybe then only User Expectations & About is needed in the top left sidebar? And if that’s the case, maybe have there a brief text outline what this blog is about, with the link to the About section instead.

    Just some thoughts.
    Alex S. Leung

  5. Ann Addison says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Good job, again.

  6. Tony Kummer says:

    I’ll look into it. When will you be on campus next. I wanted to pick your brain about your blog design.

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