Visit Widows, get to know people who are really suffering physically.

It’s amazing how beautiful the Gospel is when you’re talking to someone who is really hurting.

  • In American we don’t really believe in death
  • Our whole economic system (selling pleasure and comfort) depends on ignoring the reality that our lives all end in a nightmare of physical decay
  • Only a Gospel worldview can makes sense out of this fleeting experience of life and give real hope in suffering

I need to get out on more elderly visits, they really make the ministry clear in my mind.

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3 Responses to Visit Widows, get to know people who are really suffering physically.

  1. Stan McCullars says:

    Dude. What are you trying to do, get all New Testament on us?

  2. What? We’re going to die? I thought that the health insurance companies had all that covered!

    The times that I, as a deacon, have visited our church’s members in the hospital or nursing homes have been especially meaningful. I recently joined the chaplaincy program at our local hospital to further this ‘front line’ ministry, and it has become abundantly clear that ministering the gospel to those who are on the edge of death is drastically different from ministering the gospel to those who don’t consider death an option.
    Perhaps this is why the gospel appears to us sometimes as ineffective: we as preachers don’t encounter those who are truly facing death, and for those who are not (that we know), we do not proclaim the reality of spiritual death without Christ.

    Rob Faircloths last blog post..POLLUTED SACRIFICES (Malachi 1:6-14)

  3. David Rudel says:

    Based on the sentiment of this post you might find something in my take on what Christians can take from the economic crisis.

    I don’t focus on blame, or economic mumbo-jumbo, but on what Christ might have to say about the silent philosophy behind the whole mess: The American Imperative to own your own house.

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