Weekly Roundup for 9/08/2007

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We open this blog roundup with a digest of blog posts by Southern in memory of D. James Kennedy. We may be Baptists, and he may have been a Presbyterian, but it is clearly evident that he was a faithful man of God. Now is the time for Dr. Kennedy to behold his savior face-to-face, and for us to mourn his death.

The following posts are decent examples of folk being thoughtful and perhaps having moments of doubt about this whole blogging thing.

Some have accused reformed evangelicals of not having a zeal for evangelism. Here is a group of recent thoughtful blog posts on evangelism.

This semester’s chapel lineup has been unusually thought-provoking.

And of course, what southern entity worth its salt is without a good ol’boy network? Did you really think the blogosphere would be exempt? This is the part of the blog roundup where we heap praises upon the heads of our editors and cronies here at Said at Southern.

First up is Owen Strachan at his blog, consumed.
War. Scary Pictures. Mocking. Double self promotion; We promote a post that promotes a post here at S@S. Gotta love it! And even more scary pictures.

Next is the prolific Timmy Brister, recently named Tim Challies’ King for a Week, and his blog, Provocations & Pantings. Read his ode to Carl F. H. Henry. A book recommendation. Timmy quotes Ascol’s recent interview. And Timmy’s car celebrates its 200,000th mile.

And now Kummer has been named an “Uberblogger.” I expect him to respond by creating a dozen new blogs this month. Ahh, the dark arts of Search Engine Optimization.


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  1. Will Jackson says:

    Hey Tony. “wheelj79” is me, Will Jackson. Thanks for the link to the blog. I really like what you are continuing to do with Said@Southern.

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