Well Said 25 June 2008

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  1. G F McDowell says:

    With the combined intellectual firepower of Mohler and Akin, I was expecting something more airtight:

    From Arugment 3:
    It is to the one who knows to do right and does not do it that sin is reckoned. Infants are incapable of such decisions.

    and later:
    anyone who is saved is saved because of the grace of God, the saving work of Jesus Christ and the undeserved and unmerited regenerating work of the Holy Spirit…. When it comes to those incapable of volitional, willful acts of sin, we can rest assured God will, indeed, do right. Precious little ones are the objects of His saving mercy and grace.

    Are infants sinners? If they are not, why do they need to be saved by Jesus’ atoning work? Enquiring minds want to know….

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