What Are You Trying To Do To These People?

I just needed to be reminded. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of church work. May we never forget what God has sent us to do.

This is an audio hack from Piper’s 3-27-07 visit to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It features Sovereign Grace music and photos from Timmy Brister.

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4 Responses to What Are You Trying To Do To These People?

  1. Dave Crater says:

    Soul-stirring, Tony. Beyond soul-stirring. My favorite line, from the Piper video on lust and pornography, a topic on which Piper may have no equal since St. Augustine:

    “So some of you, I know, are sitting there, not a clue about what I’m saying right now. The best buzz you can imagine is pornography, or the real thing. It is inconceivable to you that there might be a power of soul, and an energy, and an engagement, with something so great, so glorious, so pure, so divine, that it would create a ruggedness, and a power, and a zeal, and a firmness, and a depth in you, You Could Say NO!”

  2. tia gien says:

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