What Can Apple Vs. Microsoft Teach Us About Ministry?

Ok – I’m just as tired of the productivity pastor style posts as the rest of you guys. Except, I thought of this one so I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt. (That was self deprecating humor not bragging.)

This parody makes an obvious point: Information bloat distracts for the message. I’ve been blessed in my ministry to spend a great deal of time preaching and teaching to children. It didn’t take long for me to realize how information overload can actually hinder disciple making.

I’m not advocating a watered down message or minimal doctrine.

If your sermons (or teaching) has twice as much content as a person can reasonably understand, then you risk having less actually comprehended – much less actually retained or applied.

This holds true for evangelism as well. Yes, there are many important doctrines that all believers are bound to embrace. But no one is justified by their acceptance of ________. (<– insert your favorite secondary doctrine here.)

Those things are important, but not essential to the good news. Just another reason why it is so important to define the gospel.

HT: Cathy Moore for the video (no relation to Dr. Moore)

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