What do you want to talk about?

Based on last week’s conversation, I want to offer more open forum posts on this site. But I am just one guy. So I want to hear from you. What topics or questions do you want to talk about? This post will front and center until the weekend – so don’t be shy.

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11 Responses to What do you want to talk about?

  1. Tony Kummer says:

    I should mention that we want to talk about things that encourage one another – that would exclude vain controversies.

  2. Todd Young says:

    Anyone interested in discussing the value/challenge/benefit of mentoring, especially in the lives of seminary students? I think mentoring is regretfully absent in the lives of most of the Church’s next generation of leaders…

  3. I agree with Todd. My wife and I have longed for (and have received at various times) a mentor to show us what it means to have a Christian marriage and how to be Christian parents. This is extremely lacking in our churches today. My wife’s vision is that the generations form a sort of chain where one generation reaches up to the older for guidance and back to the younger for mentoring in the local church.

    Other than that, I think a good discussion would be how is God using your blog for His glory?

  4. Todd Young says:

    So, does all this silence mean that mentoring really IS an issue for our schools/churches? I love the idea of shepherding groups here at Southern, but many students cannot meet during the standard group times, and thus cannot participate.


  5. Tony Kummer says:

    I should clarify that I am trying to build a list of topics to post forums about. So the idea is to do some brainstorming on this post.

    Todd – I think that is a great topic. The whole mentoring aspect is a concern for almost every student I know. I think the answer is to do seminary more through a local church context. Professors are not pastors. Shepherding groups are a good idea, but it is only a band aid for the real problem of non-disciples wanting to become pastors. The whole enterprise will fail unless local churches begin to make real disciples.

  6. Todd Young says:

    Tony – Sorry about that; I didn’t realize you were asking for various ideas for future discussions.

    I do understand the idea that professors are not pastors, but many professors are pastors, and is our school really equipping men to be pastors without addressing the issue of mentoring? More food for thought…

  7. Dave Crater says:

    Tony: Do a strain on the topic Trevin addresses in his *awesome* post on “updating” church music and its irrelevance for reaching young people. Way to swim upstream and stir the pot with some real wisdom, Trevin.

  8. Dave Crater says:

    BTW, see left sidebar for the link to Trevin’s piece.

  9. Aaron says:

    I’d enjoy talking about Church and State: whether the Church has any legitimate place in Government, and if so, what it is. Is there even such thing as a “Christian Nation”?

    I think there’s lots more to explore about missional living/evangelism also.

  10. Aaron says:

    (Strachan had some good thoughts recently here on that topic.)

  11. Aaron Hawk says:

    I like the idea of mentoring. Related to that, but I think a different post topic, would be accountability. I think this is also tragically missing.

    will try to post more later, but need to be working on a paper right now, so I should get at it 😉

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