What Would You Ask Him?

Next week, I will be driving down to Nashville for a meeting with Derek Webb. I was able to connect with his agent after our recent series on “The Ringing Bell.” Everything is arranged and I am looking forward to the interview. But I need your help.

What should I ask him?

What would you ask him?

Leave you questions in the comment section below.

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8 Responses to What Would You Ask Him?

  1. Brandon Rogers says:

    great question.

    Derek has a lot to say concerning some of the shortcomings of the church. I would ask him how he is able to write and sing about such things, without becoming overly critical or cynical toward the church (assuming he doesn’t). It seems that people are usually polar opposites on this one; that is, either very negative about the church, or remain ignorant of the church’s faults.

  2. One thing that I appreciate so much about D. Webb is his willingness to confront difficult issues within the church without compromising the gospel — with that said, I would ask:

    “Is it difficult for you to remain steadfast and theologically sound in your countercultural message despite an industry that is constantly pumping out shallow loves songs to Jesus?”

  3. Paul Cable says:

    (Personally, I’m curious about his views on baptism; I know he’s a member of a Presbyterian church, but… I don’t think I’d ask him that.)

    I might ask him if he sees himself as mainly a prophet or as an artist. Has he ever had to sacrifice one role to better fulfill the other? I’ve heard him say that his music isn’t “ministry”… though it ministers to many of us.

  4. Dave Crater says:

    Tony: As he’s been talking about peace a lot lately, connecting it with Jesus, I would test that theological depth Nick is talking about and ask him two things.

    1. Is there such a thing as just war? If so, when?
    2. What did Jesus mean when He said, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword”? (Matt. 10:34)

  5. Scott says:

    Ask him if he would ever consider doing a cover of “Kumbayah.” (no joke)

    Then it would be good to know his views on how a person is saved.

  6. Josh Martin says:

    I would personally like to know how he composes his music. Does he write most of the melody himself, or take it to the other musicians to find it’s sound? Does the song ever wind up sounding different than when he first writes it? Thanks.

  7. Matt says:


  8. 1. Do you use the word “I” as a technical term in your songs? That is, when you use the first person singular, are you then singing about yourself. So for example in ‘I For an I’ are you speaking of being pacifistic in our dealings with our neighbors only?
    2. Related to this, are you a pacifist politically?
    3. If so, what are your main reasons for being so? If not, why?
    4. Is it easier to play in front of non-Christian or Christian crowds? What is your aim when you are doing either one?
    5. When you spoke of Bono being a role model instead of someone like John Piper in your Christianity Today article, were you using over-statement? If not, how do morals and the Christian message of love of neighbor play out in your understanding? Additionally, what were you aiming for in a statement like that?
    6. Have you and Sandra thought of doing an album together? How about a conglomerate of you with some other artists you resonate with? I am sure there are others in the music industry who resonate with much that you say…
    6a. Is it true that you bought Sandra a guitar for your engagement instead of a ring?
    7. Where do religion and politics intersect?
    8. Where do you live in Nashville? Not address, but demographically speaking? Are you considering moving into an ‘inner-city’-like area? This is not meant to be condemnatory if he lives in the ‘burbs. Rather, I would like to hear how he struggles with this as I do.

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