Where Did the Side Notes Go?

I wanted to give a brief explanation about the side note feature here at Said At Southern. Basically, I’ve moved the side notes to their own blog called Kummeropolis. Here is my thinking on the move.

  • The links were much broader than the Southern Seminary community.
  • I wanted to link more than my self imposed 2 side notes per day.
  • I have a complicated strategy for the resurgence of web 1.0 directories based on sub niches and the SEO dark side. (If that sounds like gibberish, don’t feel bad.)
  • At some point I will outgrow SAS or graduate.

If you enjoyed getting all the random links I would send via side notes, please come over and get my new Kummeropolis feed. You can also get updates by email. I’ll be spending a good portion of my blogging energy on this new link style blog. If you’re a blogger, you should definitely check it out for your own post ideas.

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