Who’s afraid of the big bad Calvinists?

John Sneed posted two interesting quotes on his blog about Calvinism.

“I would rather face a whole army than one Calvinist convinced he is doing the will of God.”
A 16th Century Spanish Soldier.

and then there is this one …

“Queen Mary of England declared that she would rather “face all the armies of France than a praying Calvinist.” source: Homeschooling Today magazine, Jan./Feb. 2003 (A book review of the book “Duncan’s War”)

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  1. TerryDelaney says:

    The first quote seems more like a slap in the face while the second one seems to be a fear of a godly man. I must agree that they are interesting quotes.

    TerryDelaney’s last blog post..Our Gift from God Brought Home on the Lord’s Day

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