Why You Need Fellowship With Real People

Check out this little article by SBTS student Joseph Gould. He shares how God used a widow to encourage him. I have had many similar experiences. Having friends outside your generation is great gain. Spend some time with ‘senior saints’ this summer. Joseph writes:

Seminary will not give us the spiritual benefit which comes from fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ through the local church. In the local church are real people with real education, an education earned from a lifetime of diligently and faithfully serving Christ. Learn from the insight of your elders in the faith. Be encouraged. Encourage them. They will amplify your understanding of life and the culture which surrounds us. They will help you better minister to the believers and unbelievers around you. You will be more effective in preaching the insufficiency of man and the need for Jesus Christ.

Posted by Tony Kummer

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2 Responses to Why You Need Fellowship With Real People

  1. Aaron Hawk says:

    A great and needed article!

  2. Adam Winters says:

    Having spent time walking with the same lady, I can testify to Joseph’s wisdom. “Real people” is something that is too often neglected by young academics.

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