Win 3 Great Children’s Story Bibles

childrens-bible2.jpgI wanted to give Said At Southern readers a head’s up on a contest I’m running over at my children’s ministry blog.

If you’re not familiar with that site, it is my attempt to encourage parents, Sunday school teachers and church volunteers to reach kids for Christ. I deal with some practical stuff, but am trying to move toward more theological discussions.

I’ve built a solid readership and and have actually made a little money off Google AdSense. (Email me if you don’t know what that is –

So, I am giving away 2 sets of these books – one set for email newsletter subscribers and a second set for bloggers who link the site. Click the graphic for more details.

If you ask around, these three Children’s story Bibles are highly recommended. I think Mohler even blogged about them last Fall. I use them at church and with the family. I like them so much, I’m giving away a few copies on my website.

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  1. I just want to speak to how wonderful these childrens Bibles are (we do not own the Child’s Story Bible…yet). My oldest son (3 1/2) is now wanting to know more about why Jesus had to die and knows that sacrificial blood is what justifies the sinner before an all holy God because of the Big Picture Bible.

    We have begun reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible with our boys now that we have finished the Big Picture. They love it and want to read more and more from it every day.

    As a parent, it is nice that the same ol’ stories are not re-written. The Big Picture Bible doesn’t go into many of the “favorites” of the Old Testament and spends just as much in the New as the Old. That is a switch from most other children’s Bibles.

    By all means, if you do not win one in this give away, do yourself a favor and go buy one of them to read to your children.

    Thank you for doing this Tony. These will be a major blessing to a father (or mother) wanting to teach their children what the Bible has to say about Jesus Christ.

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