Win A Free Book – Devoted to the Service of the Temple

Steve Weaver is offering a free book to the first Said At Southern reader who can ace the following mini quiz on English Baptist Pastor Hercules Collins. Just leave your answer in the comments of this post.
1. True/False: Hercules Collins signed the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689).
2. True/False: Hercules Collins pastored the Horsleydown Street Baptist Church (precursor to Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle)
3. Multiple Choice: Hercules Collins was a contemporary of and friend of Baptist pastor(s):
a. Benjamin Keach b. William Collins c. John Gill d. Both a. and b. e. Both b. and c. f. All three
4. Multiple Choice: Hercules Collins died in:
a. 1646 b. 1698 c. 1702 d. 1758
5. Fill in the blank: Name of the final book written by Hercules Collins in 1702:

Product Details:

ISBN: 9781601780225

FORMAT: Paperback, 160 pages


The new book exploring the spirituality of 17th century Baptist pastor Hercules Collins is now in stock at Reformation Heritage Books and available for order online here.


“Hercules Collins is one of the great figures from our Baptist heritage—a pastor who suffered much for the cause of Christ and left a great legacy for generations that followed. There is something especially compelling about the witness of a man who was oppressed and imprisoned for his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The witness of Hercules Collins as pastor, prisoner, and preacher is worthy of the closest attention in our own times. We are indebted to Michael Haykin and Steve Weaver for bringing Hercules Collins to life for a new generation.” —R. ALBERT MOHLER, JR.

“The secret of Collins’s courage and strength lay in his relationship with the Lord Christ. The enormous contemporary value of reading his life and writings is not just in its exposition of his evangelistic methodology, and its indirect comments on today’s broader theological scene, but in the inspiration it gives to the heart of each Christian for growth in grace and deeper spirituality.” —GEOFF THOMAS

“We are indebted to Michael Haykin and Steve Weaver for these carefully chosen selections …. For too long Baptists have had little access to the richness of their theological tradition. We have a great past, and many able servants have given their lives to the cause of our churches, and yet so few of their works have been reprinted. This book continues a very encouraging recent trend, in which the best works are being restored to print. May the Lord bless this book, and the efforts of its editors.” – From the FOREWARD by JAMES M. RENIHAN


MICHAEL A. G. HAYKIN is Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky & Research Professor of Irish Baptist College, Constituent College of Queen’s University Belfast, N. Ireland.

STEVE WEAVER is the pastor of West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City,

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8 Responses to Win A Free Book – Devoted to the Service of the Temple

  1. 1. True

    2. False

    3. d

    4. c

    5. The Temple Repaired

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    The answers are 1. True; 2. False; 3. d; 4. c; 5. The Temple Repair’d

    Maybe that was too easy! Stephen your the winner. I’ll email Steve to contact you.

  3. Yeah baby! 🙂

    It wasn’t that easy. I had to sweat over a couple of these. I need to break out my Baptist history books again.

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  5. Steve Weaver says:

    Congratulations Stephen!

    Thanks Tony for helping me get the word out about the book. It should be available at the LifeWay campus store very soon (possibly today).

  6. Mike Hamby says:

    OK. Who tipped off Newell about the quiz? This looks like a scandalous set up of NBA proportions. Now, I’m left only with the desire for yet another book (so I guess the strategy worked). I think there should be a voluntary internal investigation by the Said at Southern ‘staff’ about ‘insider’ blogging!

  7. That’s right, this contest was limited to the elect. 😉

    But seriously, work 3rd shift and you’ll get in early on almost anything, dude. I have a few other books, music cds, and various trinkets to show for it.

    Now, if only someone would offer a whole set of Jonathan Edwards, and not the two-volume deal…


  8. FWIW, Steve’s book is in the LifeWay store on campus in the new release section ($10.00).

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