Work Smarter – Create A Master Bibliography

If you’re like me, this week is crunch time on at least one massive paper. But I want to tell you about my secret weapon, it has saved me many hours of work and frustration at seminary.

The Master Bibliography (aka Resource List)

Basically, it’s a single Word document that contains every footnote or bibliography item I’ve ever used (or plan to use) on a research paper. I actually have two separate versions because LEAD school classes have a slightly modified format.

This works really well for for books you reference often, like reference works or major theological texts.

I’ve heard rumors of software that can do this, but a bibliography swipe file is just as effective.

Create Your Own & Share It

  1. Find all your old research papers
  2. Copy all the bibliography and footnotes
  3. Paste them into a new Word document
  4. Save the new file on your computer as “Master Bibliography”
  5. Exchange copies with all your friends.
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  1. Terry Lange says:

    Nota Bene will do this with greater ease than a Word file. Nota Bene even has the SBTS style and format as one of the options for term papers. It is a bit pricey, but well worth every $ that is spent in time savings in doing a paper. I have separate bibliography files for each paper as well as a Master Bibliography for every paper that I have done.

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